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This honors the beauty of anime girls, fictional characters that have made fans regardless of gender laugh, cry, and swoon.

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Now, the older brother, Edward, is called the Full Metal Alchemist because of his metal limbs, and the younger, Alphonse, is a soul without a body, trapped within the confines of an automaton. And into this world travel Edward and Alphonse Elric—two brothers in search of the Philosopher's Stone, the ultimate alchemical treasure!

When his missing limbs are replaced by auto mail parts, Ed bears the name of the Fullmetal Alchemist - the youngest ever State Alchemist and dog of the military. This demon slaughtered many people until the leader of Konohagakure, the 4th Hokage, sacrificed his life to seal the fox inside a newborn child - Naruto Uzumaki.

Meanwhile, Al is left without memory of his journey with Ed, but is determined to once again master alchemy and retrieve his brother from The Gate.

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So when the villainous Madara sneaks into the village and banishes them to a parallel world, the pair sees their desires come true in a way they never thought possible! He must compete in the games and keep himself from having an accident - can Naruto succeed? Shrouded with an evil aura, Momoshiki and Kinshiki appear and attempt to assassinate Naruto.

However, this matters not to the eternally cheerful and energetic boy, who seems to be undeterred by failure of any sort.

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However, the institution's quiet reputation is turned upside down with the arrival of Naruto, a new transfer student whose ambition is to become the gang leader of Japan! Naruto Uzumaki is a young ninja who bears a great power hidden inside him, a power that has isolated him from the rest of his village. In a desperate attempt to prevent his brother from disappearing completely, Ed sacrificed one of his arms so he could affix Al's soul to a suit of armor.

Rock Lee is an energetic boy, whose complete and utter lack of talent in using ninjutsu techniques has given him an unstoppable belief in hard work and self-determination.

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Naruto's allies and enemies take center stage in these fast-paced adventures, which each volume focusing on a particular clanmate, ally, team Uchiha Itachi, four years of age. But are these goals even obtainable without leaving a path of destruction and chaos in their wake? The first law of alchemy is that "one cannot gain something without giving something of equal value in return" - a rule that two souls dare to cross. As such, his only dream is to become the Hokage - the most powerful ninja, and leader of the village; but first he needs to graduate!

In an alchemical ritual gone wrong, Edward Elric lost his arm and his leg, and his brother Alphonse became nothing but a soul in a suit of armor. After the tragedy, an alchemist named Roy Mustang visits them and tells Edward to become a state alchemist to find a way to recover what they have lost.

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Meanwhile, the others become a target of an attack by three unknown ninjas who promptly kidnap Sakura. With Naruto as the Seventh Hokage, the Hidden Leaf Village is planning to host the Chunin Exams to train new shinobi from the village and from allied villages. Rock Lee is a youth from the Hidden Leaf Village who strives to become a worthwhile ninja - despite the fact that he is unable to use ninjutsu! But despite their quarrels it was their competitive natures that made them the powerful shinobi that they are today. In the midst of another dull and routine mission, Naruto finds himself in a battle with a mysterious knight, who possesses an even more mysterious power!

But when a full on battles ensues between all of the Konoha genin, who will emerge victorious and claim the all-important third wish? However, not all things change as no matter where he is, Hughes will always fawn over his beloved family and foist photos upon anyone nearby — even if it means holding up the show! With a new and slightly nervous rookie on board do the military stand a chance?

A recap episode of the TV series, Fullmetal Alchemist. On a rare day off, the Konoha ninja have decided to head out on a t picnic and while sitting on the beach, Naruto digs up a strange bottle. With his apparent lack of abilities, will Naruto be able to realize his goal through determination alone?

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Naruto and the gang must now protect a wandering tribe who guard an ancient secret, engage in fast paced ninja action and keep up with their usual silly antics, ultimately leading to a dramatic conclusion where, once again, the old adage is proven true: "Never trust a man in a moving castle.

The village of Konoha is hosting a free-for-all ninja tournament, where the participants fight each other to the best of their skills. Now, alongside his brother, Ed uses his status within the military to attempt to find any way that he can return their bodies back to their original state. However, he is determined to gain respect by becoming the next Hokage - the most powerful shinobi in the village.

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As the preliminaries begin and the village turns into a battlefield, Naruto eagerly rushes off for a chance to have a go against Kakashi, and heated match ups abound as people with similar Anime girl with long ponytail find their opponents of choice. Who will collect enough crystals to advance to the main tournament? Elite ninja Uchiha Sasuke travels the land with his teammates, searching for his brother Itachi. After a short time, Sakura sees the folly of her ways and is ready to try to find a way to return; but now that Naruto has everything he's ever wanted, he'll have to decide if perception really can trump reality.

While on their travels, Edward and Alphonse Elric hear rumors of an alchemist named Judau who has succeeded in human transmutation. During the process Al's body disintegrated and Ed lost his leg. However, there's still one person left for him to beat — his bitter rival, Sasuke. After two years of studying, Ed plans to find a way to use science and once again defy destiny to reunite with his brother Alphonse.

A single ponytail can be a Hair Drill. Having returned to Resembool, Ed, Al and Winry are adjusting to everyday life. The parallel world where Ed now exists is a place where science replaces alchemy. Once upon a time, two brothers passed the happy days of their childhood by studying alchemy, which is governed by the equal transfer principle: an eye for an eye -- you can't get more than you give.

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Now, while Kakashi attempts to find a way out of his situation and aid Mr Genmai, Naruto and Sasuke must put aside their differences and work together to rescue their teammate. When Edward and Alphonse Elric try to revive their dead mother, breaking the taboo of human transmutation in process, Ed loses his right arm and left leg while Al loses his entire body.

After frequently battling with rival delinquents, Naruto manages to fight his way through the ranks of the academy. With his inability to perform even the most basic ninja techniques, it seems that all Naruto has going for him is his determination to succeed no matter what. Curious as to what it contains the young ninja opens it up only to find that genie zooms out in a cloud of smoke offering to grant thee wishes.

Meanwhile, an invading army from across the sea gets into a fight with the Sand ninjas; but what is their motive? Now, twelve years later, Naruto is a member of the Ninja Academy; but due to his past Naruto is shunned by the rest of the village, and since he has no friends or family he plays the part of class idiot to get attention. Accompanied by Al, whose soul is now attached to a metal suit of armor, Ed is fitted with auto-mail parts in place of his lost limbs and becomes a state alchemist by the name of "Full Metal Alchemist.

The life Anime girl with long ponytail the shinobi is beginning to change.

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His parents are suddenly alive and well, and she's the orphan turned village hero. Meanwhile, the less enthusiastic ninjas take it easy.

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Once, the ninja village of Konohagakure was attacked by an evil nine-tailed fox spirit. With the hell of war burned into his eyes, the boy makes a resolution: he will rid this world of all violence.

These characters wear their hair in a single ponytail. Alongside fellow teammates Neji and Tenten, Lee must overcome this obstacle while completing a variety of absurd training routines, protecting the village from the always-scheming Orochimaru, and somehow finding time to win over the heart of his beloved Sakura, who rejects his every advance. Headed by the Black Bats, the people of Milos are intent on ending their miserable days as slaves to the military and reclaiming their sacred land.

In this alternate Konoha, Shino hates bugs, Hinata is an aggressive hot-head, and Sasuke is a laid-back playboy - not to mention Naruto and Sakura's lives are switched! The birth of Sasuke, meeting his friend Shisui, the academy, genin, chunin, and then the Anbu—Itachi races down the path of glory toward his dream of becoming the first Uchiha Hokage, unaware of the darkness that lies ahead…. Four years ago two young brothers, Edward and Alphonse Elric, broke this taboo when they tried to resurrect their dead mother.

Then one day, a package for Alphonse arrives from Central Anime girl with long ponytail a nostalgic relic of the old days inside Somewhere between magic, art and science exists a world of alchemy. A silly tournament is no reason to miss an afternoon nap or a bowl or a dozen of ramen, after all.

After accidentally wasting two wishes, Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura begin to argue over how to use their final chance. Together they search for the power to restore themselves, to find the lives they lost so long ago The foundation of alchemy is based on the law of equivalent exchange; you cannot produce something from nothing.

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As such, alchemy is bound by one taboo - human transmutation. Fresh from completing the mission in the Land of Waves, Naruto and the gang are heading out on a new task to locate a man named Mr. Sensing something amiss, Kakashi splits away from his team and locates the object of his quest, but as he reaches out his hand, he becomes trapped within a spell and is unable to free himself. Naruto and the gang are all in the running, but Naruto has a small problem: he has to go - BAD!

Unfortunately for his bowels, finding a free toilet is an impossible task; and whether it's trying to sneak into the ladies' room or creating clones to take over for him in the games who, unfortunately, are also experiencing a fecal crisisnothing Naruto does gets him closer to his goal. Edward Elric disobeyed the laws of conservation by committing a taboo in alchemy, and for that his body and soul are no longer a part of his world.

Thinking that it may help them regain their former bodies the pair visits him, but can this blind alchemist really help them in their quest?

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With the powerful Akatsuki organization looming ahead of him, Sasuke still missing, and the struggle with the beast hidden inside him a continuous battle, will Naruto's hard-earned improvements be enough? Teamed up with the genius Sasuke, book-smart Sakura, and their team leader Kakashi, Naruto embarks on his quest to become the Hokage. When their train is attacked upon arrival by a rebel faction known as the Black Bats, the two Elric brothers find themselves at the bottom of a deep valley that is now home to the people of Milos, whose lands were taken from them during bloody battle with both Cleta and Amestris.

But with outside forces posing a threat to the entire Hidden Leaf village, Naruto discovers that he must become much stronger if he ever wants to realize his dream and protect the friendships he's forged. A new series of prose novels, straight from the worldwide Naruto franchise. He has trained hard with Jiraiya-sama and has returned to Konoha to reunite with his friends; but Akatsuki, the organization that threatened Naruto years before, is on the move again and this time Naruto is not the only one in danger. Anime girl with long ponytail, Sakura, new friends and the rest of the old gang as the action heats up with new techniques and stronger enemies.

Konoha Gakuen is a prestigious school whose students excel in both academics and sports. But these brothers tried to defy that law, and a horrific accident resulted. Driven by his admiration for his teacher, Guy, Lee trains day and night to become the strongest ninja despite his inability at the most basic ninjustu.

Characters that have two ponytails are tagged with Pigtails.

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After following an escaped convict named Ashley Crichton to Table City, a town on the border of the neighbouring country Cleta, Ed and Al soon find that this is a much more complicated case than a simple criminal on the run. Naruto the orphan has always wanted a family, while recently Sakura has wished her overbearing parents would give her some space. It's time for the Hidden Village's annual sports festival, and everyone is vying for the ultimate prize: a week off from participating in missions!