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Finally, in a brand new interview, Storage Wars star Brandi Passante talks about Jarrod, as well as being diagnosed with Covid What is the latest news on the reality star? In the hour-long video, she discussed Jarrod, the coronavirus and her new work.

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Recently transitioning to becoming more of a creative writer, Stacy has taken on a writer's role with Screen Rant. And most recently she started showing off her body more and more including more pictures of her drinking with her gal-pals to the point some fans questioned if she has taken her partying too far.

What happened between jarrod and brandi in storage wars?

According to TV Shows Acethe two actually split about 2 years ago. By Stacy Thiele Published Dec 01, Share Share Tweet 0. Actually, Brandi and Jarrod were never married. Now Brandi is a single mom acting as the primary parent in the relationship.

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Instead, the family has decided to keep their kids personal business under wraps. Source: TV Shows Ace. Stacy Thiele is a creative media arts executive with over 20 years of experience in film and television industry. Related Topics Reality TV storage wars. Whatever happened to this dynamic duo is still left to question, but it's definitely clear the two are not together and Brandi is on the prowl for another suitor. The two had children with each other, shared a business together, and even called each other their life partner, but never did they officially exchange vows.

What happened to this dynamic duo?

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Everyone assumed their relationship was on the rocks once Brandi started posting a lot of selfies. Plus, their zodiacs were not compatible anyway, what with Brandi being a stubborn Taurus and Jarrod a kind-hearted Libra. Stacy Thiele 36 Articles Published Stacy Thiele is a creative media arts executive with over 20 years of experience in film and television industry.

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Storage Wars concluded its 16th and final episode on January 30, Since then, fans have been left wondering if and when season 13 will make its debut. But what else happened? It may show a small glimpse into her single life and that of a single mom, but it's not a true representation of who she is as a person.

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In her free time, Stacy likes spending time with her family and pets as well as gardening her fruits and vegetables. Brandi is the first one to clap back, stating her social media doesn't reflect her day-to-day lifestyle.

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Currently serving on the Board for the Women Texas Film Festival as well as the Dallas Producers Association, Stacy has a strong passion for the creative media industry.