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NEW YORK — For a brief moment this summer, it seemed like small businesses might be getting a break from the relentless onslaught of the pandemic.

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The desire to serve stems from this goal but it has also been a result of seeing how much good individuals can do for others if they put in the effort. Check out our interview with CSU rising senior, Shelbie Seeberg, the GIS Technician intern who spent her spring semester taking and organizing photos, collecting information to display with the different tree species and updating the original tree map into a 3D version, which highlights trees. Getting through transport phenomena was tough — some of the most difficult material in chemical engineering — but it forced him to make connections with classmates, to work at explaining concepts to others, to think in a different way.

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He picked up cheerleading from wanting to remain involved in sports during his college career after playing football and basketball in high school. At the end of the day, time is going to pass by regardless. Follow us to learn more about all the ways you can engage with the home of Engaged Learning. Marymar Alhoush would place urban policy at the top of her list of favorite CSU classes, learning about the formations of various US policies, but she truly enjoyed the mix of business, communication and urban classes her major had to offer.

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All of the classes you take in the chemical engineering department are incredibly important and they build off themselves. For Chemical Engineering students specifically, take time to learn and understand the basics. This is thanks to engaged learning and the freedom we have as CSU students! Belovich Now Dean Belovich. Kyle plans to continue his education by earning a Master of Business Administration degree and would like to return to CSU as an instructor to advise the next generation of students, specifically those that follow non-traditional schedules, work full time, and attend evening classes.

Though their ceremonies are over, we want to acknowledge some of the graduates who have overcome great obstacles to achieve their degree! I met a lot of my friends in chemical engineering during that class and we covered a wide variety of concepts. Ask questions. I took a one-credit, service-learning class that required 20 hours of service and used it as an opportunity to go on a two-week Red Cross deployment to perform disaster relief during the California wildfire season. I will be traveling to plants in a wide variety of industries with multiple mentors to ensure that they are operating safely, and to Business wife tumblr changes they should make to increase plant safety.

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I am a lifetime Girl Scout. But before her undergraduate journey ends, we asked her a few questions. This one-on-one time will be just as beneficial and really help clear up any misunderstandings you are having about material. Seeing their reactions to going on a roller coaster for the first time and watching them go from terrified to loving it was an incredible memory for me. Would you rather spend it wishing for more, or take steps to grasp the future before you?

Were there any defining moments or inspirations that led you on that path? A female civil engineer graduating with highest honors, Claudia is no stranger to working in a male-dominated field. This meant never blowing off the work, never skipping class, never saying no to any experience that might help me to grow as a person.

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I plan to unofficially focus on global conflict, disasters, and human rights. A wife, mother, and grandmother, Lori Jo Fox has been practicing as a nurse in the Cleveland area for 21 years. AR: I feel like I have lived multiple lifetimes in these last four years from late nights working at the Fenn Tower desk, to turning Cleveland into a home, to evacuating from India during my study abroad, to online learning from D.

Over the years I have gained the independence, drive, and confidence to build my life into something that represents who I am and what I believe in.

It was my first introduction to what chemical engineering was like, and Dr. Belovich did a wonderful job explaining concepts to us and answering all the questions we had. I was able to tie this experience into three of my classes that semester.

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CSU: What do you plan to do following graduation? Concepts in thermodynamics, transport, and principles are used in every course.

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Walking through the interlink looking across Euclid Avenue, I realized CSU was the perfect school to provide the freedom and guidance to mold my education into what I wanted. For more information about Cleveland State, please visit csuohio.

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For now, she is looking forward to her first summer in Cleveland and maybe a road trip to some national parks. He served in the military following high school with deployments in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Cuba from — After he finished serving, he enrolled in Lorain County Community College, where he continued his connection with the military by assisting others who served in their transitions into college and civilian life.

JV: Select electives that seem interesting to you. Working in Dr. Before I started doing these I was terrified to get up in front of people and speak but working with my amazing team has helped me become confident in public speaking.

Quirartie spent the final quarter of my junior year attempting to convince me to take AP chemistry my senior year. In his time both at Tri-C and at Cleveland State, Dylan has invested much of his time into making the communities he is in better. Having a support channel — whether through the college, or friends and family to help keep me motivated — has been a great help. AR: Nonprofit administration was a no-brainer. Kyle J. In addition to his time at CSU, Kyle has been working at The Sherwin-Williams Company since with duties including store management, inventory operations, and continuous marketing.

CSU: What advice would you give to the next class, or even a freshman entering your major?

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Professors are there to help teach you. JV: I have an internship at FM Global over the summer, where I will be learning about the safety of manufacturing plants. AR: Pursue and create your own opportunities! Short URL. Our most heartfelt congratulations go out to all seniors who graduated, with a special commendation for muscling their way through the pandemic to finish out their schooling. We have a lot of members who had never been to Cedar Point, or even on a roller coaster before.

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JV: I do research into nanomaterials in Dr. My first summer we decided to go to Cedar Point as a group. JV: I chose chemical engineering due to the love of chemistry I developed in high school, in large part due to my teacher Ms.

I ed up for honors chemistry in my junior year to fulfil a requirement and excelled in the class but planned to stop there. CSU: What made you go into your major? If it seems too scary to ask in front of the class, try going up to the professor after class or in their office hours. If you take the time to understand these topics early on, it will pay off immensely during senior year.

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I made a commitment to change essentially everything about my life which required that I pour all of myself into the experience. With her determination, Samantha turned around a low GPA and completed her Bachelor of Arts in Education with great recommendations from her professors. I want to be an integral part of keeping people both at and outside of these plants safe. Each graduating class at CSU is full of extraordinary students who excel in various fields, from academics, to charitable work, to athletics, and much more.

From the CSU family, we offer our sincerest congratulations to all graduating seniors on this amazing feat.

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AR: Nonprofit Administration is an uncommon major only around 15 schools in the US offered it at the undergraduate level so I went on a college road trip to see most of these schools. Fox has worked in Business wife tumblr, home, and ambulatory care, is certified in case management and ambulatory nursing and is a member of the Sigma Theta Tau, national honor society of nursing, Nu Delta Chapter. My support system of my family, friends, fellow airmen, the cheer team, and my professors helped me immensely. Headed to a top-tier doctoral program for English, with a rhetoric concentration, at Indiana University Bloomington, Zuzanna won both outstanding graduate thesis and teaching awards for her Master of Arts in English at CSU.

As an immigrant from Poland with little experience with the English language, Zuzanna was still inspired by her enjoyment of literature and writing and took this inspiration to pursue her degree. She succeeded and I quickly fell in love with chemistry during senior year, and eventually decided I wanted to be a chemical engineer.

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She graduated as a Mild-Moderate Intervention Specialist and will be applying for her teaching licensure to assist students with mild to moderate disabilities in a public school system. Similar to a house, if your foundation is strong, you will have a much easier time for the rest of your academic career. It was not an easy class by any means, but it was incredibly rewarding to see it pay off throughout the rest of our time in chemical engineering.

Throughout his final year at CSU and in the middle of a pandemic! Aurora Reardanz may have cried her way through Frenchbut she persisted.

While taking care of her parents, who are suffering from terminal illnesses, Samantha worked through her obstacles with motivation from her family and the strength of her parents. This is something I am very passionate about, as I believe most of the disasters in chemical engineering plants can be avoided with proper training and management. What began as an educational tool to engage plant biology students has now evolved into a CSU Horticulture Tour.

Taking electives is an amazing chance to broaden your horizons and learn about something you have never seen or heard of before.

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Your college experience will be what you make of it, truly engage your learning whenever you can! Almost all of them will be happy to answer you and it will really help your understanding. The spring class of have become the most recent alumni of CSU after their commencement ceremony at Progressive Field.

But before his undergraduate journey ends, we asked him a few questions. Ron is one of many nontraditional students who call CSU home. Gabe is a student who has faced seemingly insurmountable odds during his time at Cleveland State.