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For Season 8, Abby will be reing the Dance Moms crew and helping cultivate talent once again.

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It's super cute to see our favorite Dance Moms girls enjoying their time together and goofing around as friends. It went on to become a viral memeand we aren't surprised. Dance Momsa super addictive and often hilarious Lifetime show, first appeared on our screens in via IMDb.

Her students seemingly respect her and like her

While the girls all seemed pretty poised and pulled together in the episode, the bloopers told a different story. Could that by why Chloe Lukasiak later quit Dance Moms? Plus Jill's excitement upon leaving the building is nothing short of ludicrous. Jill Vertes exclaimed, "Is it more wine? The moms then snuck around the outside of the studio, both wearing all black and oversized sunglasses, and practically running on their tiptoes.

It's hard to tell whether or not the young dancer is being serious due to her blank expression, but either way, the moment is hilarious. The program centers around a group of young dancers, their overly-involved mothers, and their high-strung dance teacher as they all navigate the Dance mom fails world of competitive dance.

The others frequently commented on her doctorate and would jokingly call her "Dr. Jill then ran in to record the evidence, and, a few minutes later, emerged gleefully, saying, "I got it, I got it! And because things were often pretty down to the wire, it was pretty inevitable that something would go wrong either on-stage or off.

I took my shoes off!

Abby lee miller is known for her tough-love approach to teaching

The chaos culminated with Christi Lukasiak bashing the back of her head on Holly's table, and the moms all cackling at the accident. There's a lot to laugh at in this ludicrous scene. Later, Vivi-Anne Stein made some seriously weird guttural noises, and Mackenzie Ziegler shared her maniacal evil laugh — which Chloe Lukasiak understandably found hilarious. It's a real change from the usual drama on the show! Dance Moms was notorious for the seriously grueling schedule the girls and their moms have to adhere to. From Christi Lukasiak's hilarious interview sass, to the ridiculous, over the top fights, to Abby Lee Miller's killer one-liners, the program never fails to get viewers giggling.

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In a Season 4 bonus scene while at a competition, Melissa suddenly dashed across the stage in front of the entire audience. How did the two devious dance moms plan to execute their plan?

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It didn't take long until a group of young men started chatting with them. While traveling for a competition, the moms were hanging out by the hotel pool. Ready to reminisce about the very best and most amusing moments? While Chloe's mother, Christi Lukasiak, was horrified, her friend Kelly screamed and cackled with laughter behind her, clearly loving every minute of the debacle. That moment came in Season 2, when Cathy Nesbitt-Stein accidentally caught her ring on her daughter's finger.

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Despite being effectively blindfolded, poor Chloe Lukasiak — who's had a stunning transformation — kept on dancing like a total professional! What is she doing!

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While the fight itself was a pretty basic yelling match that ended with Jill storming out of the roomit was her outfit that made the moment so funny. However, there was one occasion when she made a pretty serious blunder, after taking the stage herself. A few minutes into her dance trio with Maddie Ziegler and Paige Hyland, Chloe Lukasiak's headband began to slip down off of her head.

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If you regularly watched Dance Momsyou probably know that Holly Hatcher-Frazier was always portrayed as the "smart one" out of all the moms. Two young boys finally arrived to escort the rogue middle-aged dancer off the stage. She yelled, "What on earth possessed you to not walk around the back of the stage?

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However, there was one specific Season 1 moment that had the show's moms turning a little green. Later in the dressing room, Melissa got a serious telling off from Abby. Almost every week, the team headed to a competition, having just learned a series of new routines. She's trying to upstage everyone! Ever since her first appearance on Dance Momsthe young Vivi-Anne Stein was a fan favorite, thanks to her deadpan expressions and her apparent distaste for dance.

It all started when Abby wouldn't let Kendall Vertes use the costume that Jill Vertes had brought for her.

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It is truly gut-busting to see two grown women sneaking around ren's dance studio as if they were investigating a real crime. Eventually, the other moms dashed off the stage, leaving Cathy still dancing away. In one hilarious episode, the two moms decided that enough was enough, and the pair decided to play detective for the day.

When chloe's headpiece turned into a blindfold onstage on dance moms, it was hilarious

This incredible scene is pretty awkward and brilliantly funny! It's incredibly awkward to watch; the other moms were clearly confused, as Abby Lee Miller gleefully screamed, "She's doing a solo out there! It all began innocently enough. When it comes to Dance Moms interviews, no one brought the snark like Christi Lukasiak, with her constant sass and attitude. First, Nia Sioux — who's undergone a stunning transformation — teases Maddie Ziegler for the amount of hairspray in her crunchy hair.

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It's safe to say that this is not how Holly envisioned her book club going! The moms and Abby Lee Miller are constantly at each other's throats, and more often than not, a dance competition will end with someone having a meltdown in the dressing room. Here are all of the funniest scenes and bloopers from Dance Moms over the years.

To that, Maddie responded with her an iconic eye roll; we love seeing Maddie giving us a rare glimpse at her sassy side! You can even hear her little voice chirp, "Sorry Abby, they're making me do this.

Then, "I want to have a wine club. When the dance began, it was pretty much what you would expect — think lots of awkward smiles and entirely too many jazz hands. Jill was wearing an over-the-top cowboy hat — did she wear it because the team was in Texas?

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For starters, in Season 1, an unfortunate costume malfunction became the source of some hilarious drama. That left Christi Lukasiak visibly flustered. Christi Lukasiak summed up the ludicrous fight succinctly, saying, "Jill's throwing shoes and she's cursing, and all I'm thinking is, 'You are so hard to take seriously wearing that hat! But when Cathy's ring accidentally cut Vivi-Anne's finger, drama ensued, along with what might just be Vivi-Anne's funniest line on the show, ever.

In one funny Season 2 episode, it became abundantly clear that the other moms had slightly less academic interests.

When dance mom's vivi-anne cut her finger on cathy's ring, everyone laughed

Melissa then jogged back across the stage, shoes in hand, making the entire scene feel more like a clown sketch than a clip from Dance Moms! Regular viewers of Dance Moms know that sometimes, the moms tend to get a little jealous. That's exactly what happened in one Season 2 episode, wherein viewers were treated to one of silliest fights in the show's history.

Dance Moms is filled with some of the most dramatic fights and controversial moments you'll ever see on reality television. As the continued, the headpiece crept further and further down her face until it covered the young dancer's eyes completely. Cathy pinky-swore that Vivi-Anne would get to dance later.

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You know better, Melissa! But out of all of her amusing antics and interviews, one iconic event really takes the cake. Then about halfway through the danceCathy Nesbitt-Stein, a dance teacher from another studio who had briefly enrolled her daughter at ALDC, starts to improvise. In one of the most awkward moments in Dance Moms history, four of the mothers took to the stage to perform a jazz routine. It's pretty hard to watch this scene without laughing out loud!

For a show with so many tears and yelling matches, Dance Moms is also filled with a surprising amount of humor. We've compiled a list of all of the hilarious scenes, interviews, and outtakes from Dance Moms since it began. Melissa Gisoni, the mother of Maddie and Mackenzie Ziegler from Dance Momswas often referred to as a " stage mom " by the other moms.

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Trust Cathy to give us such a cringey moment. Christi and Kelly Hyland giggled along with the men, while Holly and Melissa seemed a little uncomfortable. Needless to say, they weren't as good as their daughters!

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If you're a fan, you probably can't believe how much they've all grown since then — here's what the original cast of Dance Moms looks like today? And when they found out that Holly Hatcher-Frazier had a doctorate, they began to wade across to get closer. The funniest part of the whole situation was Kelly Hyland's seemingly heartless response. To celebrate getting her doctorate, Holly hosted a party for the other moms and asked them to her book club. Throughout the first few seasons of Dance MomsJill Vertes and Christi Lukasiak were frequently shown complaining about Abby Lee Miller's favoritism of Maddie Ziegler — who lives an insanely lavish life.