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Q: Recently I had a physical examination by a female doctor who at one point in the exam asked me to pull my shorts down so that I could be checked for a hernia. The problem was that when I pulled my shorts down I had a full erection which left me humiliated and embarrassed to say the least. I was in no way "turned on" by this part of the exam and I surely don't want my doctor to think that I was. So, I have a few questions concerning this delicate subject. Should I have warned her that I had an erection before pulling my shorts down?

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But every year as I was standing there I would always start to get erect. I love to see her reaction when she does, which is usually just a slight smile.

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Later during the physical she offered to give me a rectal exam to examine my prostate. Their most common reaction is, if they feel they cannot ignore it, to say something neutral, approving or slightly amusing about it.

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I had a testicle that had not descended all of the way and the doctor was discussing this with my mother and showing her where it should be and how to check for it. I consider this normal. I winced as it happened and she apologized because she thought I was in pain, but just mild embarrassment.

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They might smile a little bit, but they just went on with the exam as it was planned. If they have reason to examine you there, it's perfectly natural to become aroused. I had this happen while receiving a hernia exam during a physical for work. I remember the first time when I was about 11 or 12 I was standing there nude and my mom and sister were sitting there watching the doctor do the exam and I just started to get an erection.

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I've had many experiences of getting an erection in front of a female doctor or nurse. I think the next year was my last physical with my sister as she was about 14 at that time and then another year later and mom stopped coming in as well. Not ten minutes later the ER doctor came in and said the nurse noticed my erection while she was inserting the cath and asked if I was on Viagra or Cialis.

She sometimes feels sorry for them. Hell, they are women, aren't they? Then when she got to the hernia test she lifted my penis and started to examine it and then started to check my testicles. Hasn't happened to me since I was a. Even with the combination of excitement and apprehension I get during an exam, I have never gotten an erection. How would a female doctor usually respond if you have an erection when you are exposed to her, even before her touching?

I think it was the morphine, a bit embarassing??? The first time it happened I was a bit embarrassed but ever since then I have been very impressed with the easy way my doctors treat the situation. It has never taken much for me to get an erection in a medical setting.

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All that varies is the degree to which they admit it, to themselves but mainly to others and especially the man. Even today i find myself getting erect at the eye doctors let alone the proper doctors. Another time with another doctor while checking groin for pain, the doctor slid my trunks down and my penis almost popped up like a pop up book.

Last time I had an issue with the testicles, just sitting there with your briefs halfway down your legs and your balls being rubbed and squeezed is hardly surprising that your body reacts. Mine goes ahead with the exam, and usually just smiles at me as if to say "It's normal.

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But I don't think I have ever heard any of them say something about their own sexual reactions, so your experience was unusual. She said it often happens during that particular examination and not to worry about it.

An erection infront of a male or female doctor means everything is in working order. I always have an erection when the doctor listens to my heart. She just smiled at me and said "very nice. Maybe if the checkup had lasted a little longer or the doctor had more sensitive hands or a different technique who knows? I can't remember the exact scenario, but it might have been that I started to get erect during the lower abdominal exam, and then by the time I stood up for the genital exam, I was erect. From childhood I have always experienced erections when my genitals were physically examined.

My female doctor always lowers my underwear herself. My friend got an erection and as he slid his pants down his cock bounced up and down in front of her She turned to the desk and picked up what he called later a wooden spoon, gave the head of his cock a quick sharp tapand told him to stand by the wall and cool off.

This whole time she had my penis in her hand and it must have jerked a little because she looked at me then at my mother and said that at least everything else is normal. There have been a few times when I'm already erect, either fully or partial, before she actually does the genital exam.

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I don't mind whether I have erection or not. I've had an erection in front of a male doctor. I was more embarrassed then she was. If I got an erection during an exam, I'd tell the doc she couldn't look downstairs - - - too embarrassing.

Yeah i do all the time. My experiences have been similar to what everyone else has already said.

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This one female doc said, ''It's ok if your excited, I get excited sometimes too. In such a situation, I have never had a doctor not do an exam she intended to do, or modify her behavior in any way that I could detect.

Same here. I declined, blushing like crazy the whole time. I expect most female doctors are used to this happening so the best thing is probably not to worry and maybe just a simple 'excuse me' Rosalyn, what your friend has told you coincides with my own experience. The doctor would worry if no erection, partial or full, occured at all. I was horrified with my mother and sister in the room and watching.

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There have been exceptions of course, that just comes with the territory. However, what is funny - she says - is the reaction of the men themselves, especially those who get very embarrassed and try to laugh it off or who obviously get rather het up about it. She said '' I'm going to hold your penis out of the way, OK? I almost always still get an erection when I'm examined by my female PCP or one of her NPs, and my other women doctors as well.

When I was I had my physical done by a doctor who was a friend of my moms in her 30's. Did you get a sense of what she meant in terms of when she herself got excited -- I mean was it when she was herself being examined, or while she was examining you, or at some other time? My female doctor was totally professional and just kept right on going -- didn't miss a beat. In any case, I don't remember any of my female doctors ever even mentioning it at all.

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She did make sure to palpate it though. I had this happen in real life, I got a erection while being catheterized by a female nurse in the emergency room to the point that the catheter had to be inserted up until the split. I have a long history of getting erections when being examined by my female MDs.

It has happened literally dozens of times even though I am in late middle age, and in front of five or six different women doctors. I always get somewhat of an erection even before the genital exam. It was still rock hard in my briefs afterwards but there was no comment or untoward look from the doctor, she must see that kind of thing a lot. They know they like seeing erect penises. Often they will say something more or less positive when it happens, and I do get the idea sometimes that not only do they not mind it, but they rather like it.

They didn't run out of the exam room screaming "help, there's an erect penis in here"! Right from the beginning of that to the present, I often become fully erect and have always enjoyed it.

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Sometimes they ignore it, but more often they just smile and treat it as a normal, everyday event. That stops after awhile though. She put her fingers under the balls and you had to cough. Many years ago I had an older female doc who once was doing a very thorough prostate exam and I got hard as a rock. I've sometimes got a brief erection myself during rectal exams when they feel the prostate, the last woman doctor who did it was a very attractive Aussie and very upfront about it. It happened a few times, but my female doctor never said anything, just went on with the exam as normal.

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He was examining my groin were i had surgery. My close friend is a female gp and she tells me this happens very often; so often, in fact, that she considers it pretty well normal in younger males at least so she isn't bothered at all by it.

Fortunately it remained in place. Was partially erect for an exam before, female nurse practitioner was professional and didn't react. My father and brother were always in the exam room with me. I have had a female doctor and I got a semi erection and she was very professional and didn't make any comment at all.

She acted as if nothing was wrong however I could hear her and the other nurses obviously laughing in the hallways. I had to hold my willy while she examined my sacs and within a minute I was stiff as a board and impossible to hide, my foreskin was ridden completely back and even as my shaft twitched and throbbed I was experiencing strong sensations. I remember going into school I would get this strange mix of excitement and fear before even the slightest hint of a medical exam; whether it be the school health visitor in to check eye sight, hearing or whatever.

The doctor certainly noticed what had happen, smiled and Erection during physical female doctor light of it. An erection is a natural body function and not something to be scared of I guess. You're laying on your side facing away from them anyway so It doesn't really matter.

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As I have written elsewhere on this board, I feel sorry for the poor souls who worry and fret about what a woman in that situation will think, say or do.