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This is one of my favorite version of the female pred, with their mandibles arranged vertically instead of perpendicular. The small one with the ridiculous facial fur was called a Dwarf, named Durgo … though there were several other humanoids of similar stature that varied region to region. He asked about the one that turned into a bird, and Gyre informed him that if he looked at her, a female elf, their ears were slightly elongated and came to a point, with sharper features that most considered attractive by most. The ones called Lars, Sven, and Jessica were the only actual humans of the group. He found that even in his hunts, he probably would never have learned anything that distinguishes one from another. Gyre made an odd sound, and spoke the other human, who was identified as female.

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Minimum 8 characters8. One day she saves him from death, and he repays her in a very special way. Invalid E-mail.

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When you've spent this long studying your prey, that can mean a lot of things. Divide By : skheav Published : January 31, What is a Captain of Colony 28 to do when she finds an abandoned Yautja baby?

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What's a library student to do? What exactly is she to Scar? Xover, Complete. Dantia works as a volunteer in Brazil, but when a funny looking branch causes her to crash, she gets the chance to go places no other Ooman has, but can she adjust to her new life? An AWOL soldier and a yautja are captured by the government. born from infidelity and raised with hatred, will soon be the down fall of the family that betrayed her.

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And she is perfectly fine with that. Neither onecan understand the other but they both know they must escape. Lea Anacaona finds herself trapped in the pyramid with Weylands group but doesnt regret it since she will find love in the most unlikely creature. But the Federation captain is missing and a traitor will do whatever it takes to stop the treaty.

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Thank you for visiting! What she dose not know is that the army is behind it and she is about to be in for the surprise of her life Language, M. Updated: ! Of course, that's before you realise he's going to be there a whole lot longer than you had hoped No sex fic. Huntress' Debt By : tarnishedpeonies Published : June 26, When hunters meet, only one can come out on top.

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A young woman is faced with being the Marine's failed experiment, and now hides from them in plain sight. Powered by Fiction Portal 2. Jen thought that her honorable discharge from the UNSC would be a quiet and peaceful change of pace. Friends, or something more? Org is not in any way associated with or related to FanFiction. Amelia is settled into her life as a Yautja's mate, at least she was.

A male predator finds an unarmed woman being attacked. Search Archive Catergories :.

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What happens when they bring her back against her views? Chance, it seems, has other plans.

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Password Reset. Yet fate always has a way of usurping her intentions, especially when there is family involved Family she didn't even know she had. The first in a many part story; it starts with one man whose life is drastically changed when he gets mugged on his college campus. Undertow By : Nalani Published : June 25, Wondering in life, Kate doesn't really have a direction.

Scar doesnt die in this story. Exceeded 32 characters. And she has no way of stopping it. She pays him back in a very special way. The Yautja huntress comes to Earth to hunt, but one man named Jeffrey Clarke caught her attention. Lex has been accepted into the Clan by Scar and a small group. It is the yearToshia is asked to be part of a time travel experiment, aimed at the study of anciant cultures. What do you do when an 8' Pred decides that your bed is the perfect place to wait out the snow? Part 2 of 3. Password: password is required.

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Update. Jesse is reuinted with Naranarti, but she must find her place among the clan, fighting for love and life. I'm crap when it comes to summaries. Halloween brings out some interesting people. Should she leave it to the animals or kill Female predator fanfic herself? Scar, Friend or Foe p. This abuse control system is run in accordance with the strict guidelines specified above.

A Yautja elder must negotiate a treaty with the Federation and the Klingons. Net Adult-FanFiction. But what happens when one of them happens to be the real deal?