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Gears of war judgment sucks


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Gears of war judgment sucks

And by doing so, they alienated much of their fan base. They didn't de it for ustheir true supporters. I decided judgement was for me the first time i executed someone with the breechshot.

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Found the internet! There are too many inconsistencies such as shotgun distance-to-gib, character hitboxes ie.

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Just play gears 3 multiplayer its the best. Your a few months too late with this post.

Gears of war: judgment

That's great, but if they charge money for that, it'll just piss even more players off. Gears J is just ok. Alex Brand being a twigrifle Markza spamming on that winter map don't remember the nam5eetc.

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More posts from the GearsOfWar community. As far as quality, balance, and overall gameplay, Gears 3 was the peak of the franchise.

Is gears of war judgment really that bad?

I love OverRun and it's the only reason I still own the game. Anyone who agrees with me should give your reasons why. The problem is, they made too many drastic changes. I waited for months and paid full price including the VIP pass just to expirience the worst game ever made.

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If you disagree than you're lying. It's dead, and there's a reason as to why: Epic deed Judgment for a completely different audience. Either way ill be playing execution on judgement if you decide to sack up. They thought they could capture a different audience with this release, but they were completely wrong. Everything Gears of War. Created Jun 21, Top posts june 24th Top posts of june, Top posts Back to Top. Locust are an iconic part of what made the story and the series what it is. I haven't played for almost a month and when I last played there was still the two-piece shoot and the melee.

Gears wasn't meant to be played like that. The problem with Domination is that because the maps are so big, and there are 3 caps, combat is minimal and the game can be easily lost if you have even one teammate jerking off. I cannot believe how horrible this game is. I loved the series with a fiery passion untill Judgment ruined everything for me. I can sit here all day listing them but I will leave that up to you guys.

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A lot Gears fans play Gears because it's not CoD and vice versa. Sort by: best. Almost every diehard CoD player isn't going to switch over to a slower paced, third person shooter.

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I wholeheartedly disagree. Their are more problems than solutions. They also tried to speed up the game by removing downs and increasing weapon damage. I recently went on just to see the population s. I beat all 4 of them on insane and maxed level on 2 and 3. They made too many critical changes.

So there's that.

Get off my lawn?

Posted by 8 years ago. People say that removal of Locust was not a big deal as it was not gameplay related.

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I'm a Gears veteran as my name suggests.