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That trailer looks amazing! I had the same feeling, it sounds like a good song to set the mood of the album but not at the level of a lead single. Apparently this track is the same as the Lana Del Rey demo that leaked a while ago. Someone on twitter said that Lana gave it to Kacey and the song would be on Star-Crossed.

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They trade them out like baseball cards. Fourth Blessed Gorge October 12, pm.

Kacey musgraves: star-crossed thread

Fwiw that Moonpies album is the best of the year and should sweep the grammys and oscars if there was any justice in this world. Whether works from Musgraves were considered country are irrelevant. On April 20th, it was announced by UMG Nashville that they had entered into a unique label partnership with the decidedly non-country imprint Interscope Records to promote and release the Star-Crossed album.

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Gabe October 12, pm. Cool Lester Smooth October 13, am. And I think this article misses the point of somethings.

[mixtape] kacey musgraves – leaked album

Paul October 12, pm. It def not a country album. Cindy Mabe is most certainly right that country music continues to deal with issues pertaining to inclusivity, especially for women.

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If the Grammy Awards have decided to start putting their foot down, good on them. Again, Cindy Mabe is right. Evoking Wallen to add emotional appeal to that incoherent DEI argument made it even worse. But making a pop album from Kacey Musgraves eligible for a country music award is unfair to actual country artists such as Carly Pearce and Lainey Wilson who both released powerful country records who might be shaded out if pop music is allowed to compete in country. Taking her out of the country category actually does harm to a format struggling with change and inclusivity overall. And she should be happy that she got nominated at all, some artists never get that chance.

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I defended that album over its 3. This decision has nothing to do with Morgan Wallen.

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Kacey's Ex October 13, pm. This is not a criticism of Kacey Musgraves, or her music. Again, this is not a call on if we want Kacey Musgraves to be considered in the country format. Long term the lack of consistency will be the story. MH October 12, pm.

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And in this case, it was the correct one. In the minority here but I enjoyed the fuck outta it, just a nice stupid dream pop album lol. Not being nominated for one genre and being nominated for another is no big deal to me.

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Weapxn October 13, pm. CountryKnight October 12, pm. So would black country artists such as Chapel Hart. Then again, Kacey competed in that world in as well, and won.

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Most of her argument was not about the music but Kacey is a woman so you must include her. Similar to Taylor Swift, as soon as Kacey reached a certain level of achievement, she moved on, and country music has nothing to show for it, aside for the guarantee of more think Kacey musgraves leaked wondering where all the women in country are. I think she loves country music and will want to record more in the future. Saving Bro Country Music October 12, pm. Dawgfan October 12, pm. But retention is perhaps the biggest worry, while being more the fault of the artist than the genre.

Aggie14 October 12, pm. What a joke. Seems a little overly hostile to drop the F bomb. Paper Rosie October 12, pm. Trigger October 12, am. A committee made up of label representatives, artists, journalists, and other country music industry professionals said that it did not. Admittedly I only gave it one listen; this record is terrible in any genre. Hank Charles October 13, pm.

Meanwhile, as one of the most powerful people in country music as the President of UMG Nashville, Cindy Mabe has been one of the individuals presiding over the current regime that has seen such poor representation for women in country music. And then how do Musgraves, Mabe and the producers of this album demonstrate that it fits that definition? Under the surface are the artists that change it all and they are led by the example of Kacey Musgraves. All of a sudden you become a small fish in a big sea. They do what they think is best for that moment.

The Grammys are still stupid, and mean nothing. If it were Kacey musgraves leaked, as long as I got nominated for any award would be enough for me, look at how many great artists that get passed up for any award. And sure, maybe her chances will be less competing with bigger pop titles. Yes, country music has a serious concern with supporting and developing women.

Hank Charles October 12, pm. That is a lot of hardware for an artist that just released a pop record.

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Jake Cutter October 12, pm. Wuk October 12, pm. Maybe the Grammys are actually getting it right, finally.

Kacey musgraves examines her divorce, heartbreak on ‘star-crossed’

Since then, everything about the marketing of that album has made me loathe it, completely independent of the music itself. Trigger Random Notes 58 Comments. And anyone who has actually heard the Kacey musgraves leaked and regards it objectively would have to agree. Joshua Hepburn October 12, pm. Trigger October 12, pm. So it should not be considered for any awards. Countryfan68 October 12, pm. John R Baker October 12, pm. Kevin Mayfield October 12, pm. No, seriously.

That is why it was such a disappointment to many country music fans when Kacey Musgraves released an album that was so decidedly pop. As we begin to set up her new music, it made sense to once again push the boundaries to reach more fans around the world as we continue to serve the fans who have been here from the beginning. But that is not the fault of the Grammys. Derek Sullivan October 12, pm. Robert's Country Blog October 12, pm. John R Baker October 12, am. This year alone country music has been mired in the controversy surrounding one of the formats biggest artists, Morgan Wallen, who used a racial slur and grew fans and audience from it.

Rollo October 12, pm. Just imagine if she had not been nominated at all. F ck that woman, also I hope Carly wins album of the year as she had the far superior divorce album and quite possibly country album of the year.

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I still think Kacey will put out more country music. CountryKnight October 13, am.

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Wilson Pick It October 12, am. Always be thankful for what you have. Because even by the internal assessments of UMG Nashville, Star-Crossed did not fit well enough in the country world to be promoted by the label, and so they needed a partner outside of the genre to help release the album.

Woogeroo October 13, pm.

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AdamAmericana October 12, pm. When it was released on September 10th, those suspicions were verified. Kacey Musgraves has the right to make whatever kind of record she wants. Wilson Pick It October 12, pm.