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When I was a fetus, I had my first and only opportunity to contribute to the de of the Mormon undergarment. My mom was only six months pregnant at the time the garment deer observed that she was so big. She was destined to become much bigger still before I was born. I am as short as my mother before me.

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And a lot of, like, wrestling with your clothing. And this practice that was once ok and it was fine. But some Mormons feel like you have to wear the garment underneath your bra. Podcast: Play in new window Download. One of the most difficult aspects of studying garments is that talking about them is a transgressive act. I always felt like my garments were trying to climb out of my neck-hole from my shirts, and I always felt like that.

Talk a little bit about that. And you really. And just.

Become a monthly Patron or consider giving us a one-time donation through PayPal. I think that there are aspects about the commitment that make them feel uncomfortable. Does that make sense? And those happen in LDS temples. But many Mormon women acknowledge that maternity garments and nursing garments do not do this very well. And how they engaged in a practice of wearing garments.

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We asked people about their Mormon belief, if they agreed or disagreed with particular statements. And it sounds like there was a spiritual friction for you.

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And I knew that there was a certain weirdness about the practice. And I just really needed to know. But they are religious underwear that committed Mormons wear, night and day, for their whole lives. I have some adult Mormon women friends in their late thirties and forties who have chosen never to make this deeper commitment. I was really struggling with issues of faith and the practice of wearing garments.

Pregnancy/post-partum/breastfeeding and garments?

And so we decided that it would be difficult to interview participants to be interviewed about garments — because that seems very awkward, and kind-of inappropriate, particularly in a Mormon context — but that rather we would set out a survey and that people could participate in the survey anonymously and tell us what their garments meant to them.

And in the initiatory ceremony Mormons receive garments.

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And what happened is that at the time that we decided to do this study Jessica and I were both committed Mormons at that time, but struggling with the practice of wearing garments. I was a grad- student. I am short person and so my body became very round, very quickly. What did their garments mean to them? It became trickier.

Maternity garments

From the paper "LDS Garments and Agency: A Qualitative Study of Meaning" by Nancy Ross and Jessica Finnigan: "The form of LDS garments has changed over time, from wrist-to-ankle, single-piece long underwear, to versions that included short sleeves and legs, to the two-piece styles that are common today.

And then, after my first pregnancy through the process of nursing, and then getting pregnant with the second child, and going through more dramatic changes in the body.

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I just needed to understand if it was just me. NR : Like a whole raft of layers of clothing! Looking for the additional audio mentioned in the podcast? But also embodiment. Use an Amazon.

And we felt that in order to understand our experiences and our frustrations better that we wanted to study the problem. Fund the RSP while you shop! And I felt like by going to the temple in preparation for a marriage, by receiving and then wearing garments daily that I was becoming a fully-fledged and recognised adult in my community. NR : Right. This is what it is. Today, us as we talk about garments. That quickly gets cumbersome. But initially, it was just fine. We asked them a lot of questions about garments and how they felt about their bodies: what did it feel like to wear garments?

KB : And you also mention it as a difficult experience for many women especially. And that often happens just prior to young adult Mormons going on a Mission, typically maybe aged eighteen or nineteen.

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It seemed like you were pushing on the idea of identity. The whole Mormon world is celebrating! Then it became less ok.

New maternity and nursing garments!

NR : Yes. Her name is Jessica Finnegan. Many adult Mormons are. And so, over time, this particular practice was difficult. And then, garments become the kind-of evidence, or the daily reminder, that you have made that deeper commitment to the LDS Church.

But that was not necessarily presented to me as being fine. Want to support us directly? But then, when I became pregnant with my first child, my body changed shape in very dramatic ways. Or it happens just prior to marriage. NR : And really, also I think that our bodies interact with. So you mentioned in your work this word friction. I was twenty-three.

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This is its own coming-of-age sort-of ritual. NR : To me. And there are a of LDS temples throughout the world. KB : OK. And in your work. And the garments that I had did not easily accommodate, or created additional discomforts for my body And so there are pregnancy and maternity garments. You just put them on. There were some initial discomforts. NR : So typically Mormons go. But in addition to Sunday worship there are also opportunities for further worship or deeper worship, or deeper commitment.

But not everybody does this in quite the same way. Kristeen Black KB : The form of garments has changed over time from wrist-to-ankle, single-piece, long underwear, to versions that included short sleeves and legs, to the two-piece style that are common today. And so Mormon Temple ceremonies definitely fall into that category.

Making this deeper commitment, and then by wearing the garment day and night represented that commitment. And that can make nursing an infant very difficult. And we just needed to understand. And then having, at the end of that, two very tiny children and not handling that especially well.

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Initially when I first went through the temple and received garments it was prior to my being married. It was fine. KB : Something like a Geertz type of experience, here? I understood it in a particular cerebral way, and that largely worked. KB : And so not every Mormon would be committed in this sense, is that right? Subscribe: RSS. A transcript for this episode is available below.

Extending the women's stretch cotton garment line

NR : So you can just let me know. And other women would say that that was fine. And I was ok with that. We collected a lot of demographic data. And only committed Mormons can go inside them.

Women’s stretch cotton garments now include maternity, nursing, and midcalf styles

NR : So I should first probably begin by explaining what garments are. And inside they make kind-of further and deeper commitments to their faith, and to God, through a of different ceremonies — typically through the initiatory ceremony and the endowment ceremony. And garments often came up as a topic of discussion. NR : The practice of wearing garments. NR : Correct. It was ok.