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Seven months had passed since Link and Zelda departed from Gerudo Town to continue their diplomatic missions through the rest of Hyrule.

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But there will be a time his daughter will take his place. For everyone else it seemed they were friends with a deep bond. On the first side, everyone would expect him to be rough and emotionless. Their hearts beats in the same rhythm, their breaths were full of desire and lust and their bodies seemed to melt together. His sudden staying away and his little comments were weird. It gave him a masculine touch. Will you do me the favor? But he just stayed silent by this question. With the time, he took more speed in it.

I tried to hint a bit in it. They never meet before.

With the lore from the games, there can be a lot more stories. It took time after they saw each other again. It means you can act like every other gerudo and nothing high society. Without thinking, she went straight to him. To other, he would look like a dreadful man with evil desires.

And I want to spend my last hours in peace with someone I appreciate. He examined every inch of her, he softly touched every soft and sensitive area. I only mention they had a great night and some things. He was a tale man, around the age between 20 to His hair was short and red like hers.

Expect for her. It made her really curious — the reason seemed to be a difficult one. He just laughed. She had a feeling her words could be harder than she wanted. It made her a bit sad and frustrated. And it would cost precious time. It felt like heaven for Urbosa. Days passed and Urbosa did not see Ganondorf in the streets at night. You never showed up to others expect me. Despite the fact it was a short night for both of them, it was one of the beautiful nights in her lifetime.

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She decided not to answer. They stayed close to each other, the deep and meaningful glances and how they talked and appreciate each other.

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She walked around the oases and in a dark corner, she saw him. I am usually not the type for these short things…but I really want to spend time with you. I often see you at exactly the time where I am. She was the upcoming queen of her race, he was one of the rarest male gerudo.

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So she stayed quiet. And he saw her. She felt he was a special man and she enjoyed every second with him. No one would believe they were more strangers than deep friends.

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If a male gerudo was born, he should be the king. Urbosa was curious about the reasons. But the truth was that he was a kind and lovely man in bed. For her, it was the best to walk past him. At first, she was happy to see him. Here in the desert and the kingdom hyrule itself.

I am really, really sorry it took longer than I wanted. They were both gerudo. She found him attractive in her eyes. But the Look they shared spoke more than words. At first, it confused her to see him. On the other side, Ganondorf seemed to enjoy their little encounters. His eyes were yellow but shined a bit golden in the light. Just another night walking around the streets?

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They often meet in the early nights, mostly on lost streets. She had a strong friendship with the king of hyrule und felt a bit offended by his words. Maybe it was the fact he was a gerudo like her. But the time was short and in the next moment, she woke up alone in her bed.

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Our homeland have some suitable queens. Is it right…Urbosa? But what I have to say: Your ship idea is fantastic. The glance he had with it was a proud and sinister one. A male gerudo only happen every However, at this point it seemed no one knew about him.

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She wondered why but never questioned it. You can read it in the eyes of the princess. They walked around and chat a little bit about everything.

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However, if she would ask him, he would avoid it. However, she did not want to persist. He should not see how flustered she was. But on the other side something inside her said no. The glance he gave her said the same. She was fascinated by him. I had not a lot time convention, workshop and personal things and yeah…a little motivation down, too.

And if this is the only time and opportunity, I will take it. He just chuckled by it.

Legend of zelda oneshots/smutshots

I know I am not interested in the king thing. Maybe it was the fact he was also gerudo like her. To be honest…this will be our last meeting. It made a round up with his beard. I really got no great idea for describing. But also a bit angry. She wanted everybody to know there was a male. However, before she could talk to him, he was out of her view. Urbosa was quite fascinated by this man but could not understand why.

For her, it was kind of sympathetic.