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Toggle Novel Online. Reader « Next ». You and Lucio fought side by side through out the whole battle against the Devil.

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You got me good, prettyboy. Your heart flutters in your chest.

You study his face, and, judging from his newfound excitement and the blush tinting his cheeks, he likes the idea even more than you do. Normally you knew his antics by now, however when he started yelling about a small stain he would "never be able to get out" off his white jacket you let out a small snort.

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He was head over heels for you. About Privacy Policy. Thank you for understanding!! You grab the tower and brandish it as a weapon, in the process showering the floor with macarons and tea cakes. But he was so devilishly handsome. Lucio prowls around you, gluing you to the spot. I'm always a slut for Christmas themed stuff!! He sighs as you slide your hand under his shirt. He shrugs his shoulders as he pulls his shirt off.

Both of you?

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So you do. However dealing with Lucio is a different story. You free both of your hands with hilarious ease and wrap both of them around his throat. You run a few fingers through his hair and he leans up into your touch with a wordless coo. Lucio nods and cranes his head in order to sneak a few kisses along your wrist. A dreamy smile floats across his face at his defeat. So, instead, you take a few steps backward, watching his every move with a weary eye.

Try not to get your panties in a bundle, alright? He swallows the macaron, still not removing his boot from your chest.

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You cock an eyebrow at him. Would they go after you or Lucio? Also, first time writing for Lucio! He takes a few moments to think. You dart from your spot by the couch towards the nearest table, upon which sits a metal tower of desserts. Help I can't find photos that give Lucio justice but I'm doing these Ideas at random I hope you don't mind!!

His grin broadens. Anyone whom is under the NB umbrella who's attracted to men is welcome! He freezes, eyes wide. Here's Lucio cus I lowkey like him but we don't talk about that. Explore Tumblr blogs with no restrictions, modern de and the best experience.

The first time he heard your 'off work' voice he was around your finger. Always running around places and "escorting" him elsewhere. He places his hands on the carpet behind him, pulling his shoulders back, putting himself on display like a good boy. Your heart hammers in your chest. You stare wide-eyed as Lucio lunges for the tower in your hands, using it to spin you around before twisting it out of your hands.

But what do you find funny about me ruining my best outf-".

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Sure you were the servant but if you wanted or needed anything see to it Lucio had it at your fingertips. From your position draped across the chaise lounge, perfectly positioned to catch the evening light from the salon window behind, you smirk at the man framed in the doorway. And sure you were interested in Lucio. His responding gasp is more delighted than angry. To say that it's been eventful year would be putting it lightly.

He lets the book fall to the ground so he can capture your hand in both his own. The pink tinting his nose spre to his cheeks and ears. He chuckles. When your eyes meet his, his grin widens, showing his pearly pointed canines and smile lines.

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Perhaps in practiced hands it could be used as a club. You smile in approval, and he beams back. I should learn how to fight.

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Visit Blog. Lucio in general tbh hj 12am writing! You want to stay? But thanks to the anon who requested this! Though with only Nadia giving orders half the time it's very calm. He releases you and climbs off at once. Expect the unexpected.

The arcana x reader

To himself at least! He yelps as he lands on top of you. Do something! No words in this world could describe the emotions you'd went through. You know for a fact that Lucio has some of the fastest reflexes in Vesuvia. Make me let you go. Whatever you say goes! It might not be the big castle you served in for years but you two would be happy. Then twist my ankle.

Worth the wait~ lucio x male!reader

How about me? You're a servant, it's not an easy task. He tosses the tower behind him in favor of bending down and picking a macaron off the floor, which he pops in his mouth. Not yandere like just jealousy I guess.

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You raise your eyebrows and glance up from your book. You land back on the couch with an oof! His skin is so supple, you make a mental note to ask him what body oil he uses later. You grit your teeth, and, thinking quick, snatch his knee and twist it away, knocking him to the floor.

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Very clearly. No it was no secret he had feelings for one of the servants, even Nadia could tell with the way he spoke to you. With that noted I do NOT write for women, characters or reader. A faint rose colour painting your ears from all he could see, gawh! He just grins wider, spreading his arms wide, taunting you.

You tighten your grip and, with a surge of adrenaline, tug him down to the loveseat.

Lucio x male reader the little present

After all, somebody needs to keep you safe. He preens his hair back like a peacock, eyeing you down with hungry eagerness. I knew you'd come around!!

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Do you want me? Ingredients warnings ; Semi-possesive? Now that is tempting. He'll do any date idea you want, promise. He leans over you with a triumphant grin. Before he has time to get up again, you push a knee down on his chest in retribution. Why didn't you get the hint??

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He turns the book around in his hands and scowls at it like it insulted his outfit. I mean charming smile and sweet, to an extent.

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Pinky promise. His mouth opens.