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Personal Best was a film released inthe year before I was born. It stars Mariel Hemingway, the granddaughter of Ernest Hemingway 1and other people that I will talk about later in this essay.

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Like most movies of this genre the hero's seem to be immune to pain or serious physical injury even when they jump out of a moving jeep and slide down the side of a cliff, apart from the occasional cut or scratch. It really did seem that someone very sensitive and sensible about human rights issues had gotten hold of the script.

The crash was of course necessary to set-up the main plot of the movie. In. I saw Mariel Hemingway's character as a well-trained ex-marine as capable, tough and resourceful as any, regardless of gender. This is a pretty standard action flick except the main Rambo type hero character is female. The cast is populated by stereotypical characters and poor actors, but there'a wealth of action here which makes it mindlessly enjoyable in places.

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When discovered by the rebels, the agent must save the VP, find a way off the island, and get the girl. I learned from watchin' the opening the movie was called "Air Force Two," which I seriously doubt was a sequel to the Harrison Ford film.

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In Her Line of Fire Hide Spoilers. Incorrect procedure When the six passengers put on their life jackets they all inflated them immediately. But the movie does not revolve much around the main character's love interest, resulting in a lack of intimate scenes between Mariel Hemingway and Jill Bennett's characters, save for two brief kissing episodes.

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The heroine, played by Mariel Hemingway, who unfortunately is a bit past her prime, hangs tough and kicks major butt, as well as knowing how to handle a gun. Even if this film is available here in the U. Besides, this is the type of film that Telefutura would air on a Wednesday, as opposed to a Sunday night, which would draw more viewers. Films like "Kissing Jessica Stein" or "Chasing Amy" suffer from this second problem, if one can call it that, whereby characters that are bisexual or bi-curious stand in for true lesbians, giving a lesbian audience little with which to relate, even in supposedly "lesbian-themed" pictures.

The agent is, herself, female.

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It's a pity as I've always enjoyed Trenchard-Smith's work and he really does need bigger budgets. What intrigued and amused me about this movie was one of the posters I found on the internet.

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The tension between the to female character's I saw as territorial in that the reporter was encroaching on her relationship with the Vice-president. I must admit I was a little surprised by MagicStarfire's review and his obsession with lesbian sexuality, I was not sure we had watched the same movie. What's the twist? If you inflate the life jacket before you leave the plane it will pin you to the ceiling with the rising water making it extremely difficult if not imposable to get out.

The chemistry between Mariel Hemingway and Jill Bennett's characters were a bonus so kudos to them for making it so. If you like action flicks it is quite entertaining, but like most of this type of movie one is not expected to take them seriously. There are many difficulties confronting any filmmaker deciding to show a gay or lesbian relationship. Was this review helpful? Besides from the two reviews, it was hardly anything that would have been offensive. Unfortunately, those films that choose the latter path often end up losing any sort of impact on the audience, as their narratives become lost in a jumble of sexual definition and re-definition.

They're still struggling ashore when they come under attack by the militant operation on the island, after that it's just action, action, Mariel hemingway lesbian scene still more action. When the plane crashes into the sea with enough force to rip the engines from the wings, the cards still do not slide off the table, even as the water rushes in the cards are still there. The best - and most surprising - part of the film is Jill Bennett, who manages to outshine most of the other actors.

It is sadly lacking in the lesbian department - all we get Mariel hemingway lesbian scene a couple of kisses, that's it. The film begins with a standard action plot: the Vice President's plane is caught in a storm, and crash-lands off the coast of a Pacific island, filled with violent rebel insurgents. MagicStarfire 5 May The fact someone even wanted to do a female type Rambo movie with a lesbian character makes me give them kudos for trying.

Jill Bennett is her love interest, and she's attractive and brave, although of course she's not allowed to be quite as brave as Mariel's character. Happily, "In Her Line of Fire" begins with - and maintains - sexual tension between the two female le, while the males who know Delaney seem to respect and jokingly admire her attraction to women.

In terms of the visual style, it certainly seems like a made-for-TV film, and hopefully will get a strong run on DVD. My tastes tend not to run to action films, and though not the best film I've ever seen - or even seen in the last month - hopefully this will be a precursor to stronger films with similar themes.

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I am not a lesbian, but very much gay sympathetic, and I was attracted to this film because both reviews on this site commended this film for its featuring a lesbian heroine who just happened to be lesbian, and not making any big thing out of it. The plot, such as it is, concerns the plane the Vice President is on going down in a storm near an island where some mercenaries and rebels have their training camp. Fortunately, the VP was a former Marine, and he and his Secret Service agent manage to survive the crash, along with a garrulous and driven reporter, played with aplomb by Jill Bennett.

PS:- with apology to MagicStarfire it appears that we were not watching quite the same movie in the Australian release for some reason all references to Mariel Hemingway's characters sexuality has been edited out so the character comes across as a strong resourceful woman and in the context of the plot such as it is the characters sexual orientation is irrelevant, there is no reason why a strong resourceful woman has to be a lesbian. The film was such a blatant throwback to those "Rambo" or "Die Hard" flics. Other than that the movie was very average indeed Mariel hemingway lesbian scene spite of the non-stop action.

I'm a sucker for action movies and this one really lived up to my standards. However, the low rent nature of the production is more than apparent and the action is often clunky rather than slick. She may be as tough as a battalion of Marines, but people like Vice Presidents always have dozens of secret service people with them everywhere they go. Imagine my dismay when I took this DVD home from the shop and found that any reference to the Meriel Hemingway character's sexuality had been expunged!.

The only disappointing scene in the movie was the plane scene. R U kiddin'? TV has released its own challenge to the dominant paradigm. Primarily, the trouble is one of focus; should the story take precedence over a character's sexuality, as in your average heterosexual film, or does a character need to have an emotional coming out wherein their sexuality pulls focus from the plot? But overall the actors did an amazing job at keeping my eyes glued to the screen.

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The hero's never miss a shot while the villains can take out a sundry character with a single shot, but can't seem to hit the hero's even when there are several of them using machine guns. Shame, shame on whoever released the movie on DVD in Australia.

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Why the plane crashed in the first place is uncertain, when the plane crossed over the island it's engines where running and the pilot had both elevator and aileron control judging by the way it maneuvered around obstacles on the island. However I guess one sees what one wants to see. Besides the movie has lots to entertain audiences with, including realistic gun fighting and chase sequences through a muddy, green jungle.

Well, that could explain why "In Her Line of Fire" didn't come to a theater near me or other Americans. I have never subscribed to the belief that unless a woman is weak and helpless she must be a lesbian. Goofs In the opening scene's in the aircraft despite the apparent turbulence affecting the passengers the cards and glasses did not slide around on the polished wood table, although the liquid in the glasses did slop around slightly.

There's a whole lot of gun blazing, running for your life, making hard choices and good old fighting action. It is always surprising how little credit censors give to an adult viewing audience. The one-dimensional bad-guy is somewhat played out, and is not revitalized by the mediocrity of this film's characterization. If only the writers had realized you need some breaks in all that action, at least a few minutes where maybe one woman bandages up the other gal's flesh wound, and then they strip off and go for a nude swim in a jungle pool, and do some making out--it could have gone all the way up to an Mariel hemingway lesbian scene or 9 star film for me.

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The rest of it is non-stop jungle action. A cheap, second-rate, save-the-vice-president thriller from hard-working director Brian Trenchard-Smith. He shot this film in Auckland standing in for Central America.

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The film is violent enough for any thrill-seeking viewer, whether their interest lies in the women's relationship or not; unfortunately, the violence is not tempered with enough sex and comic relief - some of which falls flat - but, despite this, "In Her Line of Fire" lives up capably to the legacy of action movies preceding it. Of course, the main drive of the film is its plot, which stands up to most typical action fare. With a little tweaking, this could have been a pretty good film. Now, finally, Here! David Keith plays in support as the vice president. Even when these issues of plot can be resolved to include sexuality without fixating on - and thereby "othering" it, women rarely stand on their own as lesbians.

Certainly worth watching, and I'd recommend it for a rainy day.

Still sexy after all these years.

Her relationship with Mariel Hemingway's character builds suitably, and, though clearly contrived, gives her an opportunity to express a range of emotion that feels natural. It was quite obvious that it was a computer generated scene and as a user pointed out, many mistakes and improper procedures aboard the plane were made.

We are not a bunch of unsophisticated wowsers who can't cope with difference. I gave it 6 stars out of I suppose it didn't deserve it, but positive lesbian films come along so rarely, I like to encourage them. Reality goes out the window from the get-go, because the Vice President has one bodyguard, Mariel Hemingway.

As to the suggestion that it should have had a sex scene I feel that given the time frame the events are supposed to have occurred, the plot scenario and the pace of the film any sex scene regardless of sexual orientation would have been inappropriate, Evan if MagicStarfire would have given more points.