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The America's Polo Cup was a polo event held annually in the United States of America from tobut was declared bankrupt on September 13, The person doing the gate crashing is known as a gate crasher. Claudia Coffey is an American broadcast journalist.

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The Bravo Network is frauding everyone by purporting these shows as real life. Here are my favorites:. Homeless people are happier and more fulfilled than this famewhore. Congratulations Michaele it must be a tremendous honour for you.

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Shame that some people believe these idiots really live the way they are presented. What is she known for other than being half of a scam artist team that weasled their way into the White House state dinner? Who is she??

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Scary in the face and scary in the mind. Get off this thread you fraud. Dhavy says:.

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The other poster was right…we are on the verge of the apocolypse. Her ugly runs deep, yo.

Michaele salahi goes nude for playboy

Yes just like I said, they all look like they worked as stripers and lived in trailers and they got rich by winning the lotto. Midlife Bachelor says:. Seriously who is the target market for this? If they have so much money, why do they all look so cheap and act as if they live in the middle of the ghetto? Shot from a distance with a filter — that says it all. Guinea pig and cat are BFFs. They live in a ranch house in Sterling. I have only watched maybe episodes of this show, but she seems to be the least hateful of all the ladies.

TrueLifeDiva says:.

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Bodhi says:. DonaldW says:. Playboy has added a 13th month to the calendar and Michaele Salahi gets to be Ms. Congratulations — prthatrocks. Review of Lamb with Noomi Rapace. I feel bad for her. Virginia, not a winery. And brittle bones. I think the only person that worships her is her husband.

If they sell magazines, it is because he bought them all. The episode this Thursday will show them accusing of stealing their car.

Michaele salahi nude

Latest Comments. Why you should watch Heels. Ariana Grande is so nice on The View. She is not attractive at all!!! Chris Evans playing the piano.

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Timothee Chalamet photographed on set. Pure drama and no truth.

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Meghan blamed for christening kerfuffle. Andie MacDowell covers Vogue Greece. McCartney: Stones are a cover band. September 6, at am. White House party crasher Michaele Salahi, supposedly 44, is going to show off her starvation-maintained figure inside Playboy. Everyone knows it is you. September 11, at pm.

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I feel so sad for her. People in DC know this show will be done after the 12 episodes are played and that will be the end of the Salahis.

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TeeTee says:. LBees says:. Cambridges attend Earthshot event. Kiska says:.

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You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2. Bella Mosley says:. For goodness sake make this bimbo go away. Even Playboy doesnt have standards anymore apparantly. She is already too exposed. Salahi was called anorexic by another housewife on her show, which she claimed is untrue while admitting to a diet that consists of less than calories a day. I swear the RHW shows are harbingers of the coming apocalypse. It did not happen and is not true.

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Hugh Hefner is desperate to save his aged empire and is traveling the same road as Bravo — Avenue Desperado. September 7, at am.

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September 7, at pm. September 6, at pm. Open top menu Advertise Writers Contact. Oh no…will it ever end??? Captaine says:. Talk about cashing in on tragedy! Chris says:.