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They help Link on his journey by fully restoring his health, and they usually bestow some sort of gift upon him. Most of them live in Great Fairy Fountains or other sources of water.

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Great fairy

This game introduces the Faerie Queens later known as Great Fairieswhose purpose is mostly identical to the fountain fairies in the first game. The Great Fairies now live in extravagant fountains and grant Link powers on his first visit.

Additionally, sprinkling Magic Powder on a Bubble will turn it into a fairy. The role of healing Link when he runs out of health is given to the Purple Potion. In The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Timefairies are depicted as winged balls of light in varying colors. By playing Zelda's Lullaby at the pedestal of the Triforcethe resident Great Fairy appears with a ature of burst of laughter.

Two other fairies named Leaf and Neri also appear, with the three being a group known as the Servant Spirits. In Zelda's Adventurea fairy can be found in each of a few ponds scattered around Tolemac. There is also Fairy Clothing based off various creatures from the series the companion fairies can wear.

Great fairy

Depending on the game, fairies may be depicted as usually-female winged humanoids or simply colored balls of light with wings, with it being implied in Hyrule Warriors Legends that the latter de is simply light covering the fairy's humanoid body. Link can also learn the Fairy magic spell from a wise man in the Harbor Town of Midowhich transforms Link into a fairy. Great Fairies can also be found again, with a specific red one called the Rupee Fairy. They assist him in robbing Link at the beginning of the game, but Tatl gets separated and ends up reluctantly accompanying Link. Of note is that every owl statue aside from the one in Clock Town has a health-restoring fairy hidden in a nearby object.

If Link loses all his hearts while carrying a bottled fairy, she will fly out and sprinkle magic onto him with her wand before flying away. They always emerge from the Giant Ghini if it is defeated, and also emerge from defeated mini-bosses in most cases. Fairiesalso spelled faeriesare small spirits that are capable of flight and varying amounts of magic.

In Hyrule WarriorsLink is accompanied by a blue fairy named Proxiwho acts as his "voice. Additionally, an 8-Bit Fairy appears as a type of Great Fairy, likely in reference to the springs.

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Additionally, in the Nintendo Comics Systemthese special fairies are stated to be Spryte and Miffrespectively. In The Legend of Zelda: Majora's MaskSkull Kid is accompanied by two fairy twins named Tatl and Taelwith the former being a light yellow and the latter a dark purple. They are commonly hidden around entrances to dungeons.

In My Fairy mode, the player give companion fairies Food to make them stronger, and teach them powerful Fairy Skills to assist on the battlefield. Playing the Song of Storms causes a larger, wingless one to emerge, which cannot be captured but also restores magic power. Additionally, the Shrine Maidens each transform into a form Ocarina of time fairy queen fairies from Ocarina of Time in order to more easily accompany the Links upon being rescued. Link does not have a fairy until the start of the game, when the Deku Tree sends Navi to be his companion for his upcoming adventure.

However, the amount of companion fairies available in the party is limited, but expands every time an Adventure Mode map's final boss is defeated. Hitting a Spark with the boomerang causes it to turn into a fairy. In the remakefairy bottles can be found; these act differently from other games in that they will not automatically revive Link, which is a role given to the secret medicine. Playing a song at a Gossip Stone causes one to emerge.

Many Stray Fairies operate the tutorials in the Chamber of Insightand a Great Fairy appears at the end of the three main non-final levels.

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Humanoid generic fairies in the franchise are commonly depicted with insect-like antennae. If Link holds a Deku Stick in front of a butterfly for long enough, it may land on it and become a fairy. Fairies also appear in large amounts in many of the cutscenes involving Great Fairies. Walking up to her will restore health.

Five unique Great Fairies also appear in the different regions, though each has been shattered into Stray Fairies by Skull Kid. The game also introduces a strange year old man named Tingle who believes himself to be reincarnated from a fairy, and awaits the arrival of his own fairy companion.


In the Adventure Modefairies are sometimes caught in enemy keeps or by Fairy Hunters and can be rescued to dispel barriers of their element. Additionally, the spirits in the former game's Temple of Seasons closely resemble the Ocarina of Time fairy de. There are currently stubs. In The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wildfairies mostly appear around Great Fairy fountains, but can additionally be found around other small bodies of water.

Doing this without other ingredients will create the Fairy Tonic. Aside from them, seven Great Fairies and the Queen of Fairies appear. In the original Japanese version, the fairies on the map are depicted as a yellow spirit-like blob, but in western versions this is changed to more clearly be a fairy.

If Link uses one in a recipe, it will simply relinquish some dust into the dish, adding to the hearts it restores.

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In the eastern and western parts of Hyrulethere exist two springs where a lone fairy can restore all of Link's health if approached, which is a characteristic later given to Great Fairies. The American version of the original identifies this as Navi, though all other versions including the later ports simply refer to it as a fairy.

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When one is caught, it will beat against the glass repeatedly. In The Legend of Zeldalone fairies can escape from certain defeated enemies and restore Link 's health if touched. Fairies also appear rarely in dungeons, where they do the same thing as in their encounters. Many fairies watch over the Kokiri tribe at the behest of the Great Deku Treewith each Kokiri having a companion fairy. In the Den of Trialsa fairy can be found in a chest at the end of every zone. Great Fairies also exist throughout Koholint Island.

In Hyrule Warriors Legendsfairies appear as they do in the original, but with a much more expanded role thanks to a new mode called My Fairy. A single Great Fairy is found in the Cave of Ordeals. You can help us by expanding these articles! Three Great Fairies appear, being based off a dragonfly, a mayfly, and a butterfly, and ask Link questions to test his honesty.

In the Wii version, the Wii Remote's pointer is represented by a cyan fairy, resembling Navi. They otherwise act like bottled fairies in games.

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This fairy is modeled after the in-game appearance of the fairy from The Legend of Zelda and wields the 8-Bit Wooden Sword. The latter game also features a Fairy Queen and three Stray Fairies.

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In The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords AdventuresForce Fairies appear and physically resemble fairies' appearance in The Wind Wakerbut are collected in unlimited amounts for when a Link falls thus essentially acting as extra lives. As Kokiri do not reappear, the only other "normal" fairies are the two health-restoring types from the game. When reached, they provide the Water of Life to either Link or Zelda, depending on the game.

Some fountains are only accessible after a specific Kinstone fusion. They can be picked up like small creatures and stored in Link's inventory, but spook easily, so he must sneak to catch one lest it fly away. In addition to three Great Fairy of Magic locations, there are the Great Fairies of Wisdom, Power, and Courage who each grant specific magical abilities.

Aside from the small fairies, large Great Fairies are capable of much greater amounts of magic, but are usually confined to Fairy Fountains. Link can also use fairies to skip stage sections, but will lose a fairy every time he does this. Bottled fairies can now be found in pots in some Adventure Mode missions, and rescuing them adds them to the player's party as companion fairies.

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In some games, these can be kept in bottles and even bought and sold in shops. In Zelda II: The Adventure of Linkfairies are rare encounters on the land map instead of monsters, and will restore Link's current health if touched. In many games, fairies can grant Link lost health back on contact. At the start of each level, Link starts with three fairies, and will lose one very time he runs out of health, also causing the section of the stage to need restarted.

They appear in many games of The Legend of Zelda franchise.

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They appear alongside Great Fairies and the Queen of Fairies, the latter of whom is also simply called a "Great Fairy" in the English localization. When Link catches one, she will press against the glass of the bottle with a disappointed expression. As a fairy, Link can fly anywhere, but cannot attack or interact with certain objects such as locked doors.

Ordinary red-colored health-restoring fairies, unaffiliated with the Kokiri, also appear throughout Hyrule, and can be captured in a bottle. In The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Pastfairies gather in small fountains and can additionally be found in clumps of grass. Unlike the monster encounters, the fairies do not seek out Link, and as such can be fairly difficult to trigger.