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Pacifica Southeast is one of the main protagonists. She and Gideon Pines are said to either be cousins or just very close friends.

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She knows he understands because he kisses her back the same. The walk from the forest to Pacificas house is like a foggy mist as once everything has gone less blurry, she has found herself at the front door of the house.

Secretly in love || dipper x pacifica

Anxiety soon washes over as her palms start to sweat and her heart beats faster usual. So it's hard to give him anyway. Knowing that she is weak to those eyes, Iustitia cries in defeat and agrees to buy it, so here she is now. Waking after a restless night, Iustitia sat on the hardened, cold floor and looking out for the sun again.

Dry her hair first before she dresses up, as at first, it feels weird to wear a dress again as she only wears one for business events or disguise, yet never wears one to go outside. Besides, I'm dressing like this! He was slowly losing steam on his work a long process, boring as well, but with her here he stayed focused. She looks to his face where his birthmark is scrunched up from the lines of stress on his face and she takes it on herself to get him to take a break.

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When she finishes explaining, the blonde girl promises that it will work with overconfidence as Gideon can only facepalm at his cousin's full of the plot-hole plan. Explore Tumblr blogs with no restrictions, modern de and the best experience. It was a new day, another day passing, and guilty mixed grief still haunted this body.

She takes a few more minutes of lying there, finishes showering first, and after that, she can decide what to do with all the mooncake she has made.

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Gravity falls gravity falls dipper pines dipper goes to taco bell reverse dipper dipper x pacifica older dipper bill cypher billdip dipper x bill cypher bill cypher x dipper pines mabel pines pines twins. Southeast," Gideon replies as Iustitia lets his mind processing the words come out of his mouth, feeling apologetic for waking his sleep like this. If anyone comes here and sees her like this, they would not hesitate to run away as she looks like a mess right now.

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She would cry, scream, punch a wall until her knuckles had gone bruised and cut, her throat had gone raspy because of the pain. She remembers those eyes bright like the sun, warm smiles with hands holding her closely, remembers those flower floral scents, reminds her of a place she once called home.

This au in general provides examples of:

So right now she decides to show him her response rather than say it. He takes his eyes off hers unable to say it to them and moves back to work. You're back!! hood nickname only a hand full of people still allowed to call him. Iustitia only sighs in defeat as it's best if she doesn't know the reason the better. Hot take: rev! So he was going to fight her?

Once putting everything on, Iustitia glances over all the package of homemade mooncakes she has left as she frowns, wonder whose to gave. Iustitia takes a final check before giving them two colorful packages, smiles at their cute reactions as Pacifica getting excited over it while Gideon thanks her for the gift. Pacifica explains to Iustitia about the plan she had in her mind a few minutes ago.

Her thoughts were right he barely gives up a fight happy to lean back and let himself sink into to her. You know that he has to stay beside the twins all the time. Iustitia letting out a small Reverse falls dipper x pacifica as the last pieces of clothes drop before dips her toes to test the temperature before jumping in, ignoring the stinging pain from her bruises and cuts as she sighs in relaxation. Her mouth moved into a silly yet knowing grin she always wore as they move forward together.

It is okay - she reminded herself - nothing to be afraid of, you have seen their parents once, you will be fine, yet her anxiety went haywire as soon as the door was open. She giggles. Tears once falling now have stained her cheeks, red puffy eyes as she wonders how long has it been since that day? It was a long fight between her and her friend about that topic, and it's not like her finance isn't allow her, but the fact that buying one is a bit hassle for her.

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Maybe she should finish it off. Quicker than he likes his stamina fades. Finally she reaches his lips and they hold each other there for a while. All you need is a bit of glamour and some sparkles! After another fifteen minutes of thinking, she picks up her bag along with the package and he out, knowing who to gift first. The young girl quickly grabs her hand and examines it closely, yet Iustitia only shrugs because 'it's normal, and it makes the young blonde girl forget that this girl in front of her has experienced much worse than minor bruises and cuts. Coughing all the water out of her body, she tiredly lay her head on the cold floor, panting as all she could hear was the buzzing loudly inside her ears.

It has been weeks since she receives the sad news. Weeks now. We could call this ship flipped! It takes a moment for her to realize that most of it are dirty or ruined by all the adventures.

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He lets out a shudder as she places hot, long kisses up his skin. Visit Blog. He lets out a grunt but she rolls her eyes and grunts back at him aling him to use his words. Without words.

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He frowns slightly. Dipper and Pacifica Northwest being an arrogant rich couple who hate each other but are actually crushing hard. For a while, this soothing silence and cold water have numbed her mind down before falling into the dark abyss.

Pacifica southeast

All the strength in the body has left as all the young girl can think is going back to sleep. About Privacy Policy. She moves back to rest her chin on his shoulder for a moment before she blows softly into his ear. I'm sorry that I didn't tell you anything before disappear for three weeks. Stopping at the red light, Iustitia breathes through her helmet as she slowly stops at the white line, checking everything before making sure that she is on the right track.

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Sound like the twins cause them lots more troubles and chaos when she is not here, though Iustitia can't understand why they keep asking about her every time. Humming lightly at her name he can feel it against his flesh while her lips tug into a smile as she peppers them across his jaw. Dragging her lips across his skin and she lays a long kiss where his shoulder meets his neck, she can feel his pulse speed. It takes few more minutes for Pacifica to let go, and that's when she notices the puffy eyes and bruises knuckles. After few minutes, Iustitia opens her eyes and swims up to the shore, gasping for air as she let herself fall asleep for few minutes.

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So now the only option was the complete sets of clothes was sent by her friend, it is not that she has any choice left. It was her friend's idea at first, as the fact that everywhere she went, either that by foot or by bus, so they recommended buying a motorbike to save time. It was an ankle-length pleated beige dress with a matching thin cardigan, and besides that, her friend also sent her a white-red ombre hair ribbons as her heart squeezed painfully at it before holding it close to her chest.

It takes an hour to gather all her thought and sense before deciding to take a shower. It was Gideon open the door with messy bed hair before letting out a stiff yawn. Iustitia has thought about the gift of the triangle demon, but the problems are the twins themself. While checking on the GPS and making sure that she is on the right path, before a stranger was asking for the direction, seem like they're also heading to the fair as well. When she pulls away she brushes away his bangs and kisses his birthmark allied with the stars, and then places her forehead against his. The echo of herself sobbing repeated back as it slowly turned into a loud wail as everything was too much to bear again.

And she would remember those times with the married couple as they would laugh at her right now, calling her a softie, kind-hearted.

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She takes a few moments to breathe, to calm herself down before hesitate ring the doorbell. Her eyebrow raises. After nagging her for half a month, she finally bought one as they have to uses the ultimate weapon as its teary puppy eyes.

His Queen. So as my probably last dipifica fanfiction I finally give you reverse falls au fluff. She kisses him with everything she has. As soon as she says that, they both groan loudly before sitting on the front and complaining an hour and a half about what happened while she is not here.

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He could and has gotten lost in her. So it's hard to be sneaky around. Gasping her name when she sucked a little harder on a favored spot. Oddly enough when she was usually the most wonderful distraction in his life. Summary: Personal problems that accquire her presence, which it's not a good for her when she is back in town.

Sounds of scratches on paper and a soft humming fills the room.

Pacifica southeast

Soon, the dim light appears and shines through the cave. With a plan that has mapped out in her mind, she immediately gets out of the lake before drying herself with the towel and checking her bag to see if there are any new clothes she has left. It seems like he has just come back from the adventures. The autumn breeze feels refreshing through her skin as Iustitia breaths in the shifting season, riding on the motorbike she recently brought.

He looks at her, kind green eyes filled with admiration for him.