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Ancestors: Sir Parker ancestor, deceased. Grandparents: Peter Parker parental grand-father, pd deceased ; Ann Parker paternal grandmother, pd deceased ; William Fitzpatrick maternal grand-father, deceased. Parents: Richard Parker father ; Mary Parker mother. Siblings: Teresa Parker sister. Symbiotes: Venom Symbiote former symbiote ; Poison former symbiote .

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As the foot pushed against his cheek, he lashed his tongue and wrapped it against Peter's leg. Peter sprinted across the flat top of the building until he was jerked back by a line of dark tether. Just peachy! Venom's smooth crotch molded itself into a full 12 inches of rock-hard cock.

Venoms tongue slithered out and brushed against Peter's exposed chest, gently grazing an exposed nipple. It tugged the boot off of his skintight suit.

We're being so gentle! Peter pushed the tongue away and threw himself to his feet; in a quick motion he spun on one foot and kicked Venom in the side of the head. By: Shedra Venom spends some quality time with the Spider-man. Venom's long tongue slithered back out and began to prod Peter's virgin hole.

We don't mean to hurt you. That was entirely pointless for them to do. Peter threw his head back, pounding his fists against the hard concrete from the dull pain. His costume had long patches of fabric torn from the back and chest.

Peter was left breathless from the pain and the sight of the impressive penis; even with Venom's eight-foot height as a backdrop, it looked oversized. Peter didn't have a smart-ass remark for his present situation. Venom ran his fingertip along the crotch of Peter's suit. Venom's speed picked up, his long thick tongue slithered from between his white teeth and ebony lips.

Tracing the heel and arc with the pointed claw. Peter's dulled wits prevented the idea of simply going around it from crossing his mind. As the pain faded, the pleasure escalated, Peter arched his back and sat up, resting on his elbows. Are you alright? Smooth, hairless legs were revealed, thighs still partially obscured by the shreds of fabric left behind.

Venom started to remove his tongue from Peter's body, Peter shifted his position in an attempt to keep the pink tentacle inside him, but Venom slipped himself back out. Venom pecked at Peter's sore leg, lips gently massaging the smooth skin.

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Venom giggled gleefully, brushing the sensitive underside of his massive ebony cock against Peter's own lovely manhood. Peter froze from the gentle prickling sensation. At a loss for words, he responded in his normal smart-ass voice. There were shallow scratches following the shape of the tears.

Peter seemed to have lost control of himself, a slave to his own arousal.

Anybody know of any decent fanfics where peter decides to keep the venom symbiote???

In revulsion Peter yelped, opening his jaws slightly, the tongue slipped in deeper to play with the tongue of his prey. Peter clenched his teeth to prevent his assailant's entry, kicking and squirming but it was futile. The eyeless gaze was fixated on Peter's bare back.

He was met with poorly aimed gunfire. It didn't encourage the wall-crawler, it only gave him the anxiety of being reminded that there were people in the area he might be obligated to save. He spread his fingers and he began to crawl up the side of the wall his movement quick and almost slithery. The long pink snake pulled the fabric away from its goal, revealing an impressive seven-inch cock.

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Maybe I like squirming! Peter squirmed and flailed, held down by the strong hand upon his chest. He kept pulling the cloth away from the soft skin and revealed a smooth, round ass. Peter couldn't help but get hard; his cock stiffened and throbbed from the sensation of Spiderman x symbiote fanfiction tongue inside his tight ass. He cried out loudly, bringing his knee to his chest and the strong hand of his assailant, embracing it with his nearest arm. Those big empty white splotches on his face seemed to have changed their shape into an almost playful and benign form.

Venom giggled girlishly and continued pursuit of his prey. He waved and said humorous things at them. Venom clung to the side of the building with three limbs, his free hand and head turned to the crowd. Venom's tongue slipped into the tear in the chest of Peter's suit, it slithered its way up under the fabric of the red mask to brush on the soft lips of his spider. He couldn't help but yell and pound his hands against the roof.

His body forced itself to relax and allow the tongue to enter. As much as Peter didn't want to admit it to himself, as much as he wanted to fight, he couldn't help but succumb to the pleasure his greatest enemy was giving him.

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His chest felt heavy, his breathing was labored. The hard material chipped and flew through the air.

United once more, return of the symbiote fanfic

Disclaimer- I don't own spider-man or any of the characters depicted here. With his free hand Venom proceeded to tear the leggings off his costume. Venom sat crouched at the ledge of the building reeling in his spider. We've had some wonderful times, but I think we should see other people. Peter reached and tried to push away Venom's hand, but he couldn't hope to overpower the monstrous black arm. The tongue was still busy pressing against the rim of Peter's asshole, massaging his most sensitive spots.

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Peter's wit was slower than normal from his shortness of breath. The building ahead was much too tall to swing over. Peter turned his head over his shoulder to see his pursuer. The length of the tongue outside of Peter's mouth lifted the mask up to his nose, giving easier entry to his pink lips.

Peter tried to sit up on his elbows, but the brute force of his enemy bound him to the ground. Tracing along his abdominal muscles with his clawed black fingers. Venom was still somehow able to speak clearly, in spite of his tongue hanging out of his mouth and tickling the inside of Peter's mouth.

Peter managed to deliver a kick to Venom's ribs, Venom wasn't phased but the shock of the impact ran up Peter's leg. While off guard Peter took the side of Venom's head and slammed it against the concrete roof the building they were upon.

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Onlookers called to him, and cursed at his chaser. Venom brought the Spider close to him, reaching out a large hand and touching the pale skin on his chest. The entering body began to press and tickle all the most sensitive parts inside him. Venom occupied both of his hands on spreading the Spider's legs, trying to relax the entrance. We just need a hug and a kiss!

Peter began to stand himself up, free from his attacker but before he could even sit upright he was pushed back down, pinned by the soft black palm.

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Venom giggle at Peter's retort, much to Peter's surprise. You don't like kisses? Venom gasped and rubbed the spider's ankle gently. Venom noticed the change in the demeanor of his prey, he wasn't only hard now, he was horny.

You just have to relax! Venom finally pressed hard enough to penetrate the virgin entrance. Venom slipped the tip of his snake-like tongue inside his lips and massaged Peter's gums. Peter kept kicking and struggling. His hard cock quivered, begging for attention. You'll hurt yourself!

The long tongue wrapped around Peter's cock, and began to pump him gently, the tip of the large cock wet with a small bit of semen. Venom placed his hand gently on Peter's bare chest to hold him down.

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He didn't know that this black monster could giggle. Venom slipped his tongue out of Peter's mouth and moved its way down Peter's bare chest and began slither down to Peter's limp manhood. Peter lost his balance and fell on his back; Venom took hold of his bare foot and tickled it with one of his clawed fingers. All rights belong to Marvel comics and Stan Lee. Peter's moves were sloppy from panic. He threw his arm foreword and released a thin white rope.

Spider-man kicked and struggled against the black webbing, desperately trying to tear it.