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Recap and Gifs. Oh, if I got to meet Stan Lee before he died…. SpongeBob sure is a lot more stalkerfic than before.

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What if spongebob has an inflation fetish and fails his driving tests on purpose just to see mrs. puff puff up

In "Wet Painters," Mr. Krabs gets SpongeBob and Patrick to repaint his house, with the warning that he'll hang their rear ends on the mantel if they get paint anywhere but the walls. But that kind of quality can't keep up forever, and the underwater topography of "SpongeBob SquarePants" has just as many valleys as it does peaks. Exaggeration makes for good comedy, but in "SpongeBob, You're Fired," the writers accidentally find the point where it stops making us laugh and just makes us question the whole premise.

Squidward's artistic pretensions soar when he starts teaching his own art class Squidward recovers when an art Spongebob mrs puff inflation offers millions for one of SpongeBob's pieces. Unfortunately, the Krusty krew think they've poisoned him, and rush out into the rain to hide the "body.

In "Welcome to the Chum Bucket," Plankton's longest long game finally pays off: After years of losing poker games to Mr. Krabs, he finally wins SpongeBob's contract and tries to force him to recreate the secret Krabby Patty formula. It should be obvious what "SpongeBob, You're Fired" is about, but this double-length episode also features the hero's adorable squirrel friend Sandy feeding toxic waste to her desperate neighbors. This is somehow supposed to be bad, and half of Bikini Bottom shows up to chew him out for being a bad friend.

Krabs and SpongeBob's driving teacher, Mrs. As it turns out, Mr. Krabs can be persuaded out of his cheapness: He goes so ga-ga for Mrs. Puff, he treats her to "imported music" a live-action scuba diver at a pianofabulous hats, and fur coats, among other gifts.

Squidward, of course, can't believe how dumb they are, but then becomes obsessed with his neighbors' apparent ability to bring their imaginations to literal life within the box. And that's before it starts looking like the slasher isn't so bogus after all, appearing as a hunched, shadowy figure with hateful red eyes.

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The little yellow sea creature, created by the late Stephen Hillenburghas been inescapable since he debuted in While we can credit a lot of that success to Nickelodeon's massive marketing machine, "SpongeBob" wouldn't have endured this long if there wasn't true artistry behind the show. So today, we'll be consulting the IMDb user ratings to find the highest highs and lowest lows of "SpongeBob," from the episodes that make us fall in love with the absorbent weirdo to the ones that make us wish we could feed him to the sharks.

Krabs become convinced their health inspector is a con man scamming them for free food. It's an effective little adventure story, and the moment when DoodleBob suddenly turns coherent and growls, "You doodle, me SpongeBob" is downright chilling. When he gets stuck, Patrick tries to help by sticking SpongeBob to the wringer with "Forever Glue," for reasons known only to the writers our money's on deadlines.

When it breaks, Squidward scrambles to get SpongeBob to make another, but finds his "lessons" have killed the sponge's talent. Guess what they do?

Mrs. puff/gallery

Our little yellow beacon of hope and innocence's first response to the agony he's caused Mrs. Puff is to crack a lame joke about changing her name to Mrs. You may be just as eager to see him dead as his teacher is after that. Things go south pretty quickly when SpongeBob draws himself, creating the monstrous DoodleBob, voiced in a hilarious gibberish performance by writer Paul Tibbitt.

And there's still room for plenty of plain old silliness, like the little fish shouting "Hoopla!

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They decide to get back at him by serving up the grossest Krabby Patty ever concocted. When he finally rises, he is beaten to a pulp by the rest of the cast, who think he's a zombie. Given that everything has to go back to normal by the end of the episode, he should sue for false advertising. Next, in "Idiot Box," SpongeBob and Patrick buy a huge, expensive TV and immediately toss it in the garbage so they can play in the box.

The United Plankton crew clearly knew at least as many adults watch "SpongeBob" as kids, because this one becomes even funnier once you've been subjected to the real-life instructional videos it parodies so exactingly. Krabs' whale daughter Pearl goes through puberty all at once in the middle of the night: She erupts in body-horror growths straight out of "Akira" and turns into a monster who constantly shouts for more food.

Seeing one of the show's most beloved characters become an attempted murderer is not a great time. Anyone who's ever worked a night shift will be able to recognize the mood of "Graveyard Shift.

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When that doesn't work, she decides to just run him over herself. It's also a perfect summation of SpongeBob and Squidward's clashing personalities, besides being just Spongebob mrs puff inflation hilarious. After years of antics, this is finally the last straw for Mrs.

Puff, and she plots to kill SpongeBob by entering him in a demolition derby. Patrick sets up a lemonade stand, but when Squidward, like an octopus, gets startled and sprays ink in Patrick's glass, he decides to go into the ink-selling business. Even Squidward gets in on the act. Krabs decides he's going to keep the Krusty Krab open 24 hours a day. To pass the time, Squidward decides to prank SpongeBob with a bogus story about the haunting of the Krusty Krab by the "hash-slinging slasher. Everything's there, but it doesn't actually work.

Worst is the climax, when SpongeBob has finally had enough, and justifiably blows up at Patrick. The real fun, however, comes in the second half of the episode with "Frankendoodle. Fortunately, the real inspector chokes on a fly and knocks himself out before he can taste the nasty patty. From the cheesy graphics to the dramatic montage with a score just different enough from "Eye of the Tiger" to keep from getting sued, it is a flawless spoof.

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In "Stuck in the Wringer," we learn that SpongeBob dries himself off after showering try not to think too hard about how this works underwater by running himself through an old-fashioned laundry wringer, to the bafflement of anyone born in the past odd years. Most nastily, there are multiple graphic images of squirting pus, first landing straight in Squidward's eye and then literally gushing out in gallons. This is the episode that gave the world the image of SpongeBob saying "Imaginaaaaation" while producing a rainbow from thin air, which the crew obviously knew was a winner, as it's a running gag.

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Meanwhile, "Krusty Krab Training Video" is exactly what it says and, if anything, is even funnier. Imagining the 13 dirty words or "sentence enhancers," according to Patrick is funnier than hearing them could ever be. But many episodes suggest the writers don't care nearly as much — and this installment is a perfect example. But sometimes, the crew seems to be competing to outdo each other in ickiness, and in the process, they forget the "humor" part. They make up in the end, but viewers have a harder time forgiving Patrick — not least of all for wasting their time.

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All the elements are there: Surreal randomness, the stock music and sound effects, detailed, off-model close-ups. Dramatic musical s and a robotic SpongeBob ensue. Squidward episode and puts them together wrong.

Kamp koral: spongebob's under years

But something's It's like watching someone with no engineering experience try to build a car just by looking at a finished Camaro. Like the little boy in "Pet Sematary," "SpongeBob" came back changed.

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It helps that the show cheekily plays with the moralizing, since they can't have SpongeBob and Patrick actually swear without getting pulled from the air. But even if the characterization lapses don't bother you, the episode doesn't have much else to offer, taking a classic slapstick setup and using it to deliver zero laughs and an almost impressively lazy resolution to Mrs. Puff's dilemma. It all turns out okay, though, with a resolution that shows just how special "SpongeBob" is — how many kiddie cartoons could work in a cameo by the star of the silent classic "Nosferatu? Moreover, the episode crams in some of the show's funniest gags: Patrick's punch-drunk reactions to getting clobbered with a wrench "Where's the leak, ma'am?

Squidward tries to get out of work again in "Squiditis" by faking an illness, leading a paranoid SpongeBob to think he's caught Squidward's "disease. Krabs spends the next 10 minutes sneaking around Bikini Bottom to steal food for her and hilarity stubbornly fails to ensue.

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Puff in the hospital with a punctured inflation sac. But if anything, Mrs. Puff comes off better in this episode than SpongeBob. They also cross a line we didn't even think existed by managing to turn out something too weird for "SpongeBob" with a sequence of a giant, walking Krabby Patty eating restauranteurs in food costumes alive. While many episodes are noisy, frantic, and blunt, this one enhances some of its best jokes by letting them pass unremarked, like when Patrick somehow pops a window off a wall, leaving a flat expanse behind, by slamming into it.

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Moreover, nostalgia may paper over what a terrible boss Mr. Krabs is in the classic episodes, but at least he never fires his most enthusiastic employee just to save five cents. This means watching Squidward, who for once hasn't done anything to deserve it, suffer endlessly, and watching sweet, innocent Patrick turn actively malicious as he torments Squidward to get more of that sweet, sweet ink. Squidward's frustrations and SpongeBob's relentless cheerfulness when he fails and flees to the dump, he happily sings, "To the dump-dump-dump!

The episode is nothing but a parade of miseries for SpongeBob, which are mostly Patrick's fault. Thus, Bikini Bottomites' curse words are censored with nautical sound effects like dolphin chattering, foghorn blasts, and seal barks. Once again, Patrick only makes his friend's problems worse.

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Viewers who grew up on "SpongeBob" have come to love the characters like old friends. He poses as a doctor and hammers the splinter further in, then worsens the infection by rubbing garbage all over it. In truth, "SpongeBob SquarePants" has produced some of the finest and funniest episodes of television in history. Our countdown to the best "SpongeBob" episode begins with "Sailor Mouth.