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Icon by shazzbaaheader by animatedtext [Message me if you need something tagged please! Catching Elephant is a theme by Andy Taylor. This was fun! It always put Scout on edge, in a vague way that had something to do with city mice and country mice.

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But y'know I didn't come earlier because I thought you wanted to stay alone. That's all he needed.

You'd be incompetent if you were a bad spook but you're the best, ok? The ice drop-like eyes were shining beautifully and the Australian realised how dishevelled his lover was. He walked to the one with the knife symbol on it and knocked. His fingers went to Spy's tie and undid it. Explore Tumblr blogs with no restrictions, modern de and the best experience. We'll find somethin' nice for him and you'll be the best dad ever, ok? He then opened the two first buttons of Spy's shirt and put his fingers at the edge of his mask.

I'm not gonna trick you or anything. The tall man headed for the rooms. He pulled it and it slid against his collar before landing on the sofa.

He opened his eyes and felt Sniper's rough hands on his cheeks. D'you understand? He pulled it up and the Frenchman let him do until the balaclava was out of the way. Sniper had to be the most gentle and sweetest man he had ever met. He put his lips on his lover's again and again.

He brushed Spy's back, slowly, to comfort him wordlessly. If you've been missin' him that much, surely he must have too. Visit Blog.

He had needed the kiss, so let him decide how it should go. They spent their evening and night together. But please Spook, I don't want to harm you in any way, y'know that roight? It must have stung quite badly as he was starting to grow a stubble there. Spy finally managed to smile and he hugged Sniper again, resting his chin on his lover's shoulder, right next to his head.

Spy bent forward and put his lips on Sniper's. So please, next time you do, tell me, in any way possible. Spy had listened through silently and when Sniper finished, he lowered his head again. Each of his kisses meant 'thanks' and of course Sniper understood it very well.

I… I just love you normally. I'm guessin' something is wrong but I don't know what. Also, you said it yerself, you needed me and I couldn't guess. The Australian knew he was saying nothing but the obvious. Sniper brushed his lover's hair back with his fingers, slowly, almost in a massaging way and Spy bent his head back under the touch, his eyes still Spy dad tumblr.

Someone to wrap their arms around him strongly, pulling back all the scattered pieces of him and mending him back. Sniper was brushing his cheeks with his thumbs. There was a moment of silence before the Australian gathered his courage and answered. And Sniper did exactly that. You finally understood that it's not for you to decide if he'll love you back or not. You want to tell him the truth and behave like a proper father. Of course Sniper knew that his lover didn't work that way. The Australian heard some muffled noises. Sniper notices Spy's strange behavior and knows something's up, so he helps.

After normandy (sniperscout week/father-son bonding au)

The rest was whispered, between two kisses, shyly, as if Spy was trying to drown the words. Worst case scenario, he refuses to see ya. What if one of his colleagues just saw him? About Privacy Policy. The Australian took advantage of his lover visibly calming down to have his way with him.

The triggered happy — jeremy: dad im pregnant // spy (who hasnt slept in

Sniper got closer and realised that his lover was sitting, his knees folded on himself and his arms wrapped around himself. His face was as red as it could get and he felt both ashamed and relieved. And it lasted for a long time before he broke it. Sniper was so calm, so peaceful.

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Spy was moving in his room, but would he open his door…? No, he was way too prude to publicly ask for help and even if he had come out of his room and Spy dad tumblr Sniper alone, he would never had shown any of vulnerability.

Sniper raised his eyes and Engineer realised how distraught his friend actually was. Spy wants to tell him, needs to tell him. Spy had been staring at the dancing flames in the fireplace but when the words hit him, he turned to face Sniper. Don't let me worry for you and miss you like that, alroight? Maybe he's waitin' for it, who knows? Sniper was the only one who could read him to such an intimate level. Spy stared in Sniper's eyes but didn't find the words. He quickly slipped in and shut it after him. It was Spy's curse: the man was too proud to let it be known that he needed help.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Sniper had comforted him well enough that he managed to gather the strength he needed to speak. Lunch, dinner, evenings…. Spy faintly smiled and nodded, his head still between the Aussie's hands. Sniper wrapped his arms around his lover and leant back on the sofa. Sniper pulled his lover and Spy straddled his thighs.

It had been three days now. He couldn't, it was way too risky. It's his decision. Sniper let his lover lead.

He pulled the Frenchman from his back to be as close to him as possible while he felt his distraught lover had laced his arms around his neck. That, and the rest. He hadn't shaved for the past days and a lock of grey hair was sticking out of his mask.

I thought that if you needed me, even to just stay there and do nothing, you would have asked…". The Aussie looked dead serious.

Yes he was a paid killer, but the love he could give was like none other. He felt privileged and ashamed.

Three days that the man in the suit had locked himself up in his room and hadn't ed his colleagues for anything. Spy silently nodded.

He closed his eyes. But of course, I wouldn't be locked up here if I hadn't conceived him such a long time ago. Spy put his head on the Aussie's chest, below his chin, and he could hear his heartbeat there. Again the Frenchman nodded. That's why I'm here for, to be the functioning brain when yer heart overtakes you. They hugged much better that way, but soon the Frenchman broke the hug and put his forehead on his lover's.

That means I'm ready to help you do whatever you want! However, for his secretive and mysterious lover, nothing was obvious… Spy raised his head and Sniper looked down. He could understand him so well….

Sniper put a hand on the handle and pushed the door. Spy feels bad, and feeling bad makes him angry, so yeah, he's angry. He's angry at himself because Scout's birthday is gonna be and Spy still hasn't told him he is Scout's father.