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Oliver dropped the weights on the floor and went to grab his towel. He wiped the sweat from his forehead and when he was walking to go to the treadmills, he heard a growl that caught his attention. A man was sitting on a bench wearing nothing but his sweatpants, his muscular chest and bare arms free to see and delight with. When Oliver looked at him, the man looked away shyly. This man had been looking at Oliver, which made him smile.

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Posted 2 months ago. Return to Part 1 The Month of Quickies concludes with this choose-your-own-adventure story! Quickie: Fate Day 30 of the Month of Quickies !!

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Remain living as my Tiffany-self for the rest of my life. Tagged: tgtgcaptiontgcaptionsTGstorytgsequencetfsequenceM2Fm2f transgenderm2f transformationm2f captionm2f body swapturnedintoagirlmtfMtF transtranssexualtransgendertransformationtranstransformbody switchbodyswapm2f body changepossessionblack girlblackblacklegssexygirlsexywomensexyinkyleaf .

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Return to Part 1. Thank you all again for reading!

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Tagged: tgtgcaptiontgcaptionstgcapsTGstorytgsequenceM2Fturnedintoagirlm2f transgenderm2f transformationm2f captionm2f body swapgenderbendergender changetranssexualtransgendertransformationtranstransformasian girlsasian girlhot asianbody switchbodyswapm2f body changepossessiontg transformationinkyleafsexygirlhotgirl. Push the limits of my tech and leap to another reality with another different parent. Anyway, where am I now?

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Would love to know what paths you chose and how it ended out.

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Tagged: yaaaaysummer. Day 30 of the Month of Quickies !!

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The Month of Quickies concludes with this choose-your-own-adventure story! Thanks so much!

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Ask me anything! RSS feed. Tagged: tgasian girlsAsianasian girlhot asiantgcaptiontgcapstfsequencetgsequenceTGStoriesM2Fm2f transgenderm2f transformationm2f captionm2f body swapm2fsexchangem2fstorym2fcaptionmtfMtF transtranssexualtransgendertransformationtranstransformgender changebodyswapm2f body changebody switchinkyleaf.

Still a bit slow but starting to get back into it.

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However, the next story is going to be my longest one yet, spanning just over 22 s. Hi everyone!! Remain living as my Bethy-self for the rest of my life. Posted 1 month ago.