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LeBron James is another sporting legend who deserves to be treated with respect. What was intended as a means to stop the tight end in his tracks actually resulted in a rather embarrassing moment for both sides. Figure skating really is a dangerous sport to compete in if you hate exposing yourself on TV. The star has spent years impressing sports fans with her skills on the court, albeit with a few slip-ups here and there.

Out on the ice

Feeling cheated by both the official and the deer of his jersey — Nike — he threw the tattered clothing to the ground. Richardson and Cray both earned their country a gold medal. The mistake put a dampener on what was an otherwise successful appearance for the Philippines at the Southeast Asian Games.

There are a variety of distances for speed skating, and it was in the 3,meter race that Olga Graf suffered a wardrobe malfunction in As she did this, she unzipped her uniform down to her belly button because it was a little on the tight side. He was too focused on doing well in the race to save any modesty he had left.

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Unfortunately, when their performance came around, they faced a moment of embarrassment that completely caught them off guard. She ultimately finished seventh in the race, but her position was not what had everyone talking afterward. However, the crown for the Womens wardrobe malfunctions sports embarrassing mishap should probably go to Ekaterina Rubleva, who shared quite a lot with the audience back in Instead, they continued skating as though nothing had happened, resulting in a score of This earned them 12th place overall.

Figure skating is all about being poised and perfect, which is precisely what Gabriella Papadakis thought she was at the Winter Olympics. Athletic apparel is often known for being quite skintight, and that worked against Rummel in this instance. Everything was fine at first, but then the bottom half popped off and began slipping down her body. Benitez accidentally pulled out her swimsuit a little too far when the cameras were focused on her. As we said before, water polo is a very risky sport when it comes to wardrobe malfunctions. This grew bigger when she bent over, resulting in this epic wardrobe malfunction.

The man has elevated the sport of basketball to a whole new level since he started playing, and his impact will be remembered long after he retires. Norwegian star Henrik Ingebrigtsen is definitely better with his endurance, which is why he ran the latter distance at the Olympics.

Her entire left breast popped out of her uniform, giving both her competitors and the audience watching quite an eyeful.

Not only did his mishap not expose his underwear — or thankfully, his private parts — but it also happened away from his event. These two stars were some of the best hitters for the Washington Nationals, yet here they were wearing uniforms with a massive error on the front. The colors on the Philippine flag are the wrong way round, an embarrassing oversight for whoever deed the outfit.

Jim Pisani, the president of Majestic Athletic who provided the jerseys, was very apologetic after the incident. She continued to play as though nothing had happened, presumably aware that a nip slip is sometimes the price you have to pay in water polo.

Tackling is practically the name of the game with this sport, as competitors attempt to steal the ball away from their rivals. We suppose that was bound to happen with a skirt so short.

However, again, Kerri knew what she was getting herself into when she started training for this sport. We suppose in a lot of cases, this kind of thing helps you to be more aerodynamic. Unfortunately, this can sometimes work against you, as Rashaan Melvin found out a few years ago. It seems that the Sochi Winter Olympics was host to a of wardrobe malfunctions. Taking your eyes off the ball for just a second could cost you points, making it harder to come out of the match victorious. Before she knew it, Zoccari was flashing her backside to the cameras, leading her to try and cover up the accident.

That came at the cost of her score because it meant that Yura was a lot stiffer than she should Womens wardrobe malfunctions sports been. Her behind was actually covered up; it was just hidden behind flesh-toned shorts. When milliseconds can make the difference between whether or not you become a medalist, you want to do whatever you can to make yourself faster. However, it has had its bad moments, including a rather embarrassing one at the Winter Olympics.

Wardrobe malfunctions are something you just have to embrace as part of the experience. The NBA has seen quite a few of these over the years, with Ben Simmons the victim of one back in His jersey got ripped by Lance Stephenson during a game between the Philadelphia 76ers and the Indiana Pacers. While he was celebrating his third-place finish, everyone else was busy appreciating something else.

Real sport woman

There was no hiding the split during this moment of celebration after he bowled out one of his competitors. This incident occurred back in when the Summer Olympics were hosted in Beijing. Unfortunately, while she might know her way around a racket, her clothing choices have sometimes left people scratching their he. Given the attire that these ladies have on, wardrobe malfunctions are again something to be expected.

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Spain finished in eighth place that year after reaching the quarter-finals. Harlaut ended up exposing his underwear to the audience, resulting in a sixth-place finish.

Athlete wardrobe malfunctions

Thankfully, she and Cizeron still Womens wardrobe malfunctions sports away from the Olympics with a silver medal. Clothing mishaps are a regular occurrence in sports regardless of where people are competing. He put on an excellent performance and eventually finished in fifth, setting a new Norwegian record in the process. This is a particular issue when it comes to pants because the crotch can easily get worn away from sitting down all the time.

Similar to track cycling at the Summer Olympics — only without the bikes — the sport sees competitors attempt to make it around the rink in the fastest time. Shinn knew it was happening, but he did nothing to cover himself up. Unfortunately, before she could even jump in the water, she had a wardrobe malfunction that left her a little distracted. This is the result of the event being quite hands-on, and bathing suits being easy to pull down. The Dutch player had an irritating itch, and it was only once the ball was out of play that she could get rid of it.

The biggest problem with these uniforms is the fact that the middle section appears to be flesh-colored if looked at from the wrong angle. It was actually after one of her dives that she had a wardrobe malfunction, and it was something entirely self-inflicted. Even though you spend most of your time training to be the best, your efforts can boil down to just a few minutes of action every four years.

Instead, it was her outfit betraying her and threatening to reveal more than she probably wanted anyone to see. Something that the star would probably prefer to be forgotten, though, is this unfortunate wardrobe malfunction. However, at that moment, we think Min was happy to finish in ninth place if it meant keeping her bare chest away from the cameras. Although all sports come with the risk of injury, an accident while skiing can get pretty nasty.

Uncensored wardrobe malfunctions in sports

Afraid of exposing herself in front of everyone, the dancer did everything she could to hold her outfit together. Another sport in which wardrobe malfunctions are sometimes inevitable is beach volleyball. LeBron was probably none the wiser to the issue at first, but everyone else in the stadium knew all about it.

When you choose to dive into a pool from several meters in the air, you should expect a wardrobe malfunction to happen eventually. Several different events are held on the ice at the Winter Olympics, including speed skating. She was in the midst of playing when her competitor accidentally yanked her swimsuit and pulled her right breast out.

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It was an unfortunate mishap, but one that seemed to be accepted as an expected consequence of water polo. Gillian Cooke, unfortunately, found that out back in while competing in the World Championship bobsledding race.


You can never trust the waves when you go surfing. While all sports seem to hold a risk of wardrobe malfunctions, water polo definitely appears to have some of the most frequent accidents. Thankfully, Flavia did get to walk away with gold at the games, after she and her teammates won the 4 x m freestyle relay.

These outfits represent who they are and help establish team unity when it comes time to perform. As the athlete prepared to start, a split formed in the seat of her uniform. Much like Ben Simmons, his jersey ripped easily during a game, causing this split down the middle.

Like with Venus Williams, spectators would probably question why the athletes were exposing themselves with so many people watching them.

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After months of training, she believed that she and Guillaume Cizeron were capable of getting the gold for their masterful routine. After all, you have to be good enough to qualify for the Olympics in the first place. When it comes to ice hockey, few names hold any weight quite like Wayne Gretzky. Given that competitors often wear little clothing as it is, the chance of things being exposed becomes far more ificant. Some runners are known for their speed, while others really shine with their endurance.

Christopher Spring was another unfortunate victim, although it appears that he faired a little better than Harlaut. The Spanish competitor managed to avoid any such mishaps while diving from the three-meter board. Gronkowski lost his shorts, exposing part of his behind to the crowd, which Melvin then got a face full of.

Slopestyle slip-up

Judo is another very hands-on sport that poses quite a ificant risk of wardrobe malfunctions. This is the kind of sport where tackling is common, and if someone puts their hands in the wrong place, something is bound to slip out. While the man was speeding along on his horse, Miss Royale, his pants slipped down and completely exposed his behind.

One of the most famous water polo wardrobe mishaps occurred in when Spain and the United States were competing at the Olympics. Thankfully, Gilmore caught the garment before her bare chest was captured on film. Flavia Zoccari probably had a lot on her mind when she competed at the Meditteranean Games back in Like the rest of her competitors, she wanted to win the event and prove that she was the best swimmer around.

It seems that she managed to tear the back of her swimsuit, leading to a split in quite an unfortunate place. After he and his teammates were awarded bronze in the coxless four, viewers noticed something very distinct in his shorts. Jockeys typically wear so many clothes that the likelihood of them losing any seems out of the question.